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Miss Roper’s slave has had a very long day of torture n torment so far. He has been fucked with a strap on, whipped, caned n forced to fuck his Goddess with a dildo gag. Now the slave is standing in front of Miss Roper with his hands bound above his head. His cock is tied up with rope that is attached to his slave collar, as its been all day. His balls are swollen and full of cum. Miss Roper tells her bitch that it’s time for his full balls to be emptied! Miss Roper begins to gently stroke her slaves cock. Telling him how she is going to toy with his dick n torment him by slowly edging him before he is allowed to cum. As Miss Roper continues to stroke his hard cock she teases him by rubbing her perky tits n rubbing her perfect ass against him. Miss Roper finally decides that her slave has been teased enough and allows her bitch to cum in her hand. She informs her slave that the purpose of this orgasm is for him to eat it! She then forces her slave to lick and suck all of his filth off her fingers and hand. Miss Roper walks away leaving her still erect slave standing bound in the dungeon. Her slave thanks her and is left there to think about everything that has happened today.