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Posted: September 9, 2021
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Brat Princess 2  Amber and Lexi  Im Bored Lets Bust the Losers Guts Trample Clip  preview

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4K Ultra HD Amber, Lexi and Lexi are bored. For entertainment, they decide to abuse an elderly male. First, they trample on the loser with the heels. The girls get extra padding from the fat of the loser. The girls find it funny that the loser feels pain. They stomp upon it. Fat men do not have feelings. Hot girls can’t care less about the feelings of fat men. Only a loser’s suffering is funny. Amber can do some incredible high jumps in her heels. The loser weeps. Amber giggles. “It’s funny, he’s fat!” Lexi notices the bodily fluids pouring from its wounds. The girls make even more fun of it and continue to trampling. The girls list some of the things that drove them crazy that day. They vent all their frustrations at the male fat-meat. Amber jumps on her bloated stomach. Lexi exhorts, “Get him!” Amber encourages Lexi. “Ten Points if you break your rib!” The fat old man is in pain and the girls are in chaos. Pretty, braggart girls can do almost anything! They are far more capable than old obese men!


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