Mixed Wrestling – Evolved Fights – Carmen Valentina vs Lance Hart

 Evolved Fights  Carmen Valentina vs Lance Hart  preview

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Lance Hart is on a mission to choke and fuck any girl who dare step up to him on the mats. After his humiliating loss to Cheyenne Jewel, he has vowed never to let a woman beat him again. Too bad for him then because Carmen Valentina is a bonafide bad ass grappler. Carmine has some training in the art of brazilian jiu jitsu and she quickly shows off her skills in the first minute by locking in a guillotine then transitioning to a triangle. This girl has mad skills but she is also so so so much smaller than this greek god Lance Hart. The energy between these two is electric. It’s like watching a couple grudge fuck, they both LOVE to despise each other. One wrestler is able to dominate just a little longer during the match so they walk away with the victory. The Loser must lick the sweaty asshole of the winner. The loser is fucked good and hard . The loser fucked so good they like it but they cannot stand liking it….there’s nothing worse than fucking someone who beat you and then loving how good they fuck you.