Mixed Wrestling – Evolved Fights – Sofie Marie vs Hanz Vanderkill – Sofie Marie

 Evolved Fights  Sofie Marie vs Hanz Vanderkill   Sofie Marie  preview

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Hanz Vanderkill has been in the mixed wrestling world for a long long time. While this is his first match for Evolved Fights, he is no stranger to erotic sex fighting. He’s a talk strong handsome man coming all the way from the East Coast. He is taking on our “Iron Woman” Sofie Marie. Sofie Marie is recovering from the creampie she got form her producer, Spike Irons, last time she fought and lost. She doesn’t know that Hanz has been wrestling for years so she is confident she is going to clobber him. She been training hard so she can get a rematch with her producer. She’s planning on winning every match now and firing every man who dare to step in her path. She’s in for a rude awakening. This match is completely one sided for most of it. Hanz easily takes Sofie down, pins her and rubs his dick all over every inch of her body. This may work in sofie’s favor however. She plans on letting Hanz do what he wants in the first two rounds and then making him cum in round 3 for her instant victory. But until that moment, she really does get abuse. This guy is relentless with the body fucking. He’s everywhere on him and she can’t get him off, it’s going to be a miserable first two rounds for sofie. After three rounds the winner gets to take their prize. The winner is brutal with the loser. The winner does lifts and carry hold, boston crabs, camel clutches all this while the winner crotch attacks the loser. This fight ends with a creampie ending.The winners love draining the losers every way possible.