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Posted: December 6, 2021
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Reality Girls Scissors  Surviving Kaias Scissors preview

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Kaia Callous is a 20-year old sadist and stunning beauty. She holds Tommy’s back with her brutal rear naked choke. The big man shakes under her as she continues to control people’s minds and bodies. She extends her legs and motions for him to crawl on her mat. He does so with her deep front headscisors, which turn him purple and give her a figure-four HHS. She kicks him away with more headscissors. He goes flying, showing off her power in her legs. The pretty girl pulls his hair back again and puts her hair up. As he lies in her throne his modified figure-four headcissors hurt his face. He floated around in pain as his tongue was pushed out of the hold. She raises her hands and pours power onto her straight headscissors. He watches as her front headscissors look down at him, shifting in and out of the hold. A standing guillotine – in her brutal standing headcissors she presses his head into her quads, then collar chokes him. He falls, and she shouts at him to stop. He clings to her elite side skullsors and commands him “Get off my back.” As he continues to groan in pain, the tough man here is left exhausted and in pain.


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