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Posted: November 26, 2022

Release 2022  ScissorVixens  FEAR MY THIGHS   Bianca Blance preview

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FEAR – “An unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat.”.
Next to that definition should be a close-up picture of SEXY Bianca Blance’s POWERFUL THIGHS!
And I won’t lie…after seeing Bianca in action on several other sites…this was one scissor video I was NOT looking forward to knowing there were going to be plenty of PANIC-STRICKEN moments throughout this torturous ordeal!
Without a doubt…Bianca Blance has one of the STRONGEST scissors we’ve ever felt to date and that’s saying a lot after 17+ years and over 600 different ScissorVixens!
And she doesn’t hesitate to let me know that FEAR is something I’m going to feel real soon!
No matter what LEG-LOCK she puts you in…it is downright PAINFUL and soon, like me, you’ll be tapping out or taking a nap!
One of Bianca’s ‘hidden’ weapons are her POWERFUL adductor muscles! Once she starts to pulsate them on your neck it’s DEVASTATING!
And Bianca isn’t shy about showing off her SUPERIORITY often flexing her biceps while she’s flexing her thighs around you head!
One scissor hold that had me in SERIOUS TROUBLE was across the neck and jaw in which I was close to going night-night while at the same time thinking I may be feeding myself out of a straw should my jaw decide to shatter!
Listen as Bianca tells me…”You are becoming weaker and weaker as I become STRONGER and STRONGER!” while hopelessly locked in her figure-4!
And her body scissors are no less PAINFUL as she wraps me up deep into her thighs, grabs my head and pours on the breath-robbing PRESSURE!
There’s not much more to say other than watching Bianca Blance in action would strike FEAR in any opponent’s heart and it is definitely something I felt in ‘FEAR My THIGHS!’
If you are a Bianca Blance fan…you don’t want to miss this one!


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