Nylon Clothing – Czech Soles – Unreliable tenant and her sweaty nylons

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And here it goes again – Didi didn’t pay her rent in time, again, and she seems not to care at all. She’s at her apartment, not picking up calls from her landlord and currently texting her friend on her phone. The landlord has to take action and he enters Didi’s apartment and confronts her. “You haven’t payed your rent in time, again! Miss that cannot go like this every time.” But she’s on her phone, not even looking at him and she’s laughing to the messages her friend is sending her. The landlord is getting really mad and he threatens to throw Didi out of the apartment unless she pays right now. She’s wearing her old nylons which she had on all day at work and also many days before and the landlord comes up with a possible solution. “Look miss. I can prolong you the time for payment by a week but it will not be for free. I see you have nice feet and worn nylons…” and he makes a deal with her – if he’ll be allowed now to play with her feet and smell her nylons and feet, then he’ll give her more time to pay the rent. Since Didi has no other option she agrees. The landlord is in heaven. So sweaty and smelly and worn pantyhose…they smell so good and her feet, they are so big and soft…what a great deal for him. Would you like to be on his place? ��