Nylons – Princess Amber, Mistress Tiffany starring in video ‘Leashed Meat for Sneakered Feet’ of ‘The Mean Girls’ studio

Princess Amber Mistress Tiffany starring in video Leashed Meat for Sneakered Feet of The Mean Girls studio preview

2.88 GB – 3840*2160 – mp4 – 00:12:51

There is nothing more pathetic than how addicted this slave is to Mean Girl Feet. So when Miss Tiffany stopped by the Manor to visit Princess Amber the other day, it was literally begging for the opportunity to be beneath two pair of flawless Superior Feet… as it groveled and begged the girls teased it with their sneakers and a chance to inhale the aroma of their lightly sweaty feet..
The slave was inhaling so hard and doing everything it could to enjoy its luck when Ms Tiffany yanked its leash, and slammed her right foot completely into the things face. Her toes dug into its nose and mouth and before long it was flipped and to the ground on its back to be a foot worshipping loser for both Girls. Foot rest, stool, and pathetic foot sniffing chump, the girls laugh at the desperation from this loser throughout the clip.
As the girls grow a bit bored of letting the loser have it so easy while it continues to sniff and kiss at their sneakers, feet, and nylons, Amber has an idea to make things even more fun. Why not start adding a little pain to the loser’s enjoyment of their feet. Moments later, she uses the leather handle from its pathetic cock-leash to whip its exposed balls repeatedly.. but a bit of ball busting isn’t enough to get this Mean Girl foot addict away from its favorite thing in the world.. it winces everytime the leather slaps into its inadequacy, but no matter what the girls do to this thing, it will never complain, leave, or have anything in the world it lives for more than at the Feet of The Mean Girls… even if that means gagging down Amber’s Chucks when she shoved them into its throat as it lay there at her mercy…