Online – Erika starring in video ‘Nurse sensual foot worship during Corona epidemic’ of ‘Czech Soles’ studio

Erika starring in video Nurse sensual foot worship during Corona epidemic of Czech Soles studio preview

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Charlie’s friend Erika is a nurse at local hospital and she gets really long schifts, like 16 hours long because of this Corona stuff going on. Her feet usually her so bad, they call it Corona feet at the hospital. And you know, everyone should do their part in helping others during this bad times. And Charlie is more then willing to help with her sore feet.
They are smelly after long day but Charlie actually loves it and Erika loves when her feet are taken care of. She always demands a foot massage and she knows what she wants and what feel nice to he feet and she’s not afraid to tell him. Erika can really enjoy a good foot worship, you can see it in her face. That’s not acting, that’s real pleasure shining out of her.
But first her shoes has to come off. Then her socks, which are still sweaty and smelly and when she puts them to Charlies face and on his nose, he’s in heaven. And finally those sexy, sweaty and soft feet and soles and toes. They are amazing!