Otk Spanking – Stella Liberty – Junior Spanked by Mommy- Stella Liberty & Alrik Angel

Stella Liberty  Junior Spanked by Mommy Stella Liberty  Alrik Angel  preview

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Mommy and Junior are on another road trip, this time they are in Las Vegas. Mommy goes out to work and comes back to share her story of success with her baby boy. She notices his hand feels sticky and smells funny. She confronts him and asks him if he’s been masturbating again. She digs into the couch cushions and finds a pamphlet for a sex convention and demands to know if he went while she was away. The Magazine is full of pornographic images of slutty women, and it turns out the AVN convention is happening right across the street from their hotel. As his mommy it’s her job to put him in his place, she make some strip down, all the way to his tighty-whiteys, and gives him a nice stern but loving spanking with the magazine over his ass. She then gives him a good old fashion barehanded spanking and reprimands him reminding him that mommy knows what’s best.