Paddling – THE MEAN GIRLS – The Boot Experiment – Princess Beverly

THE MEAN GIRLS  The Boot Experiment   Princess Beverly preview

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The Mean Girls do more than just take money from losers and beat on slaves. They also do a lot of original slave training research. Princess Beverly is conducting a study on the effects of boot worship and the ability to take pain. She is wearing a very short skirt showing off her long legs and thigh high black boots that look amazing. With clipboard and paddle in hand she allows the slave to freely worship her boots by kissing them all over and licking the bottoms clean. During the boot worship session she beats the slave with her paddle and takes careful notes regarding his reaction. Then as a control study she paddles the slave when he is denied access to her boots and notes any differences in the slave’s ability and willingness to take pain. The data gathered will be used by all the Mean Girls so they can hopelessly enslave even more boot obsessed freaks. The paddling is not very hard in this one but boot worship fans will drool over how hot Princess Beverly looks in her ultra short skirt and thigh high black boots.