Subbyhubby – Subby Hubby – Sully Savage Trains a Cuckie Part 3 – Dildo Gag

 Subby Hubby  Sully Savage Trains a Cuckie Part 3  Dildo Gag  preview

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Mistress Sully Savage is continuing the training of her cuck husband. Training for her pleasure. She installs the chindo on her cuck’s head. On his knees, locked in chastity, and armed with a chindo, finally the cuck might prove to be of some use. Sully Savage teases him with her ass, tormenting him further, reminding him how pathetic he is and how he`ll never please her. She gets herself so hot, she jumps on the couch and forces him to fuck her with the chindo. Sully Savage truly enjoys reminding him of his shortcomings, and how he never ever pleased her like this. Her cuck is slowly learning what his new life and pathetic existence will be, one that is focused around her pleasure, whether it’s by a chindo or the cock of a bull stud. He just knows, it`ll never be his very small cock.


Face Sit – DatesGoneWrong – Cheating Husband Tricked By Wife’s Friend – Chloe Kennedy

 DatesGoneWrong  Cheating Husband Tricked By Wifes Friend   Chloe Kennedy  preview

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After Chloe Kennedy made this cheating husband get off by rubbing her stinky feet all over his dick, she locks him in chastity and with out any further notice sits right down on to his face. Being strapped and not able to move, this loser has no choice but to lay on his back locked in chastity as his Goddess in golfs his face with her ass causing him to fight for his air. He try’s to beg for her to stop but time and time again she plops her butt cheeks right down blocking his air flow. While Chloe continues to sit on his face in all different positions, she explains that this`ll be his new life and his wife will now be holding the keys to his caged up dick. Just when this loser thinks it can’t get any worse, Chloe informs him that she heard a car door and that it must be his wife. This cheating husband had no idea that his quickie would turn out to be the 1st day of his slave training.


Anal Fucking – ClubDom – The Sissy Slut gets Pounded by Tangent and Jewell

 ClubDom  The Sissy Slut gets Pounded by Tangent and Jewell  preview

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Mistress Jewell n Goddess Tangent have their sissy slut on his knees with his hands behind his back. Jewell and Tangent are both wearing big black strap on cocks. Mistress Tangent tells her slut that unless he makes their cocks nice and wet with his slutty mouth then he`ll be fucked dry. After getting his Mistresses’ cocks properly lubed, with his spit n drool, the sissy slut takes his position on the fucking bench. Mistress Tangent pounds his slutty ass from behind while the whore takes Jewell’s BBC in his throat. Finally, Mistress Jewell puts the slut on his back and pile drives him with her huge dick. The sissy slave is such a slut that he loves every humiliating second of the action.


Bootlicking – FemmeFataleFilms – Latex Love part 1 – Mistress Heather

 FemmeFataleFilms  Latex Love part 1   Mistress Heather  preview

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The latex loving slave has impressed me to date, having served me very well. His reward is the chance to worship me from my latex covered toes up to my perfect rubber clad posterior. He is instructed to lick and kiss my curves, to kiss n sniff the latex all the way up my legs. Licking and loving my latex n drinking my spit when I decide to drip it’s sweetness directly into his eager mouth.


Ass To Mouth – Club Stiletto FemDom – You Love Having Your Tongue Between That Crack Don’t You – Mistress Irene

 Club Stiletto FemDom  You Love Having Your Tongue Between That Crack Dont You   Mistress Irene  preview

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Amazon Dominatrix Mistress Irene is built like a brick sh1thouse, powerful with amazing large breasts and a rock solid ass that will rock your world. She sits on top of her cage which she has had her slave locked in for hours. Only his head sticks out and now she has returned to torment him with her ass. As she crosses her legs her PVC skirt presses into his face as he feels her warmth. She pulls his head in to ass-smother him. When she releases him she orders him to kiss her ass through the fabric. She comments how terribly uncomfortable it is for the slave but she never likes to see a slave to comfortable.
Now she lifts her legs revealing an opening in the dress and tells him to stick his tongue in between. Then she pulls up the dress to full reveal her ass and moves forward to totally cover his mouth and nose. Locked in the cage with no movement of his neck he now has to take what she gives him. She wiggles her ass and presses it firmly into his head until he starts to thrash in his cage for some air. When she finally gives him a breath she tells him “There’s more to like than a nice ass” and sticks one of her feet into his mouth. She fucks his face with them until she remembers she has to get ready for a date. She tells him to stay in his cage and as a treat sticks the heel of one of her stilettos into his mouth before walking out of the room


Foot Humiliation – Foxy Footdom and Trampling – EXTREME Footsmother In Pantyhose – Lady Veronica

 Foxy Footdom and Trampling  EXTREME Footsmother In Pantyhose   Lady Veronica  preview

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Sexy Veronica looks more sexy than ever! In her summer dress, black pantyhose and classic black high heels, she is a young Goddess, ready to be worshipped. After having her slave licking her shoes clean, she commands him to remove them, as it is time for some breath conrol! The tattooed beauty sticks her sexy feet on her slave’s face and smothers him hard, with one or both feet, pulling the leash so his face goes as deeper as possible under her soles! She throws on the floor and presses hard his face underfoot against it. She even smothers him standing on his face in positions that he cannot breath! Sadistic Veronica stops footsmothering her slave just when she feels that he is on his limits!


Toilet Slavery – Club Stiletto FemDom – Eat This Homemade Granola Bar Me And My Girlfriends Made For You – Mistress Kandy

 Club Stiletto FemDom  Eat This Homemade Granola Bar Me And My Girlfriends Made For You   Mistress Kandy  preview

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As the scene opens we see Kandy walking into the house from outside. Much to her surprise she sees the special ‘granola’ bar her and her friends made for her slave laying on the floor with a piece missing. “What the fuck is this, you know you can’t eat unless I tell you so” Kandy says to the slave kneeling feet away with his head bowed. Kandy then tells him he can eat the rest of it but it’s going to be after she crushes it into the floor with her disgusting dirty feet. She kicks it towards him and starts to squish it with her feet and tells the slave to crawl over and sniff it. Her and her friends made it special for the slave and no money was spent getting the supplies for this lowly toilet slave.
Next she tells the slave to start eating the ‘food’ from her feet and then she has him get on his back so she can stuff it in his mouth using her toes. “I should patent these and sell them” Kandy says, “I could call them Kandy’s Healthy Bar Treats.” Want one? She picks up piece after piece and notices there are nuts in the bars before stuffing down the slaves throat. She mentions how bad it smells and says after he eats all of it she will have to wash it all down with her nectar. “It sort of smells like when the garbage truck drives by” she laughs, picking a piece up with her toes and now sticking it towards your face rather than her slave. After all the food is in the slaves mouth, less the one piece you ate, Kandy pulls down her pants and sits on his face. The clip ends with a nice stream of pee from Kandy’s sweet pussy.