Forced Orgasm – Brat Princess 2 – Sasha – 2 Camera Handjob 3 Ruined Orgasms (PIP)

 Brat Princess 2  Sasha  2 Camera Handjob 3 Ruined Orgasms PIP  preview

243.0 MB – 1920×1080 – mp4 – 00:03:18

With the male’s testicles tightly bound and clamped into a metal stockade, there’s no escape. Sasha Foxxx expertly teases the helpless male. The male has been strapped into a virtual reality device. It is forced to watch whatever images are displayed and can’t look away. It will learn to sexualize whatever it is seeing. Gay porn, toilet slavery, financial ruination, who knows what these twisted ladies want this male to learn to accept and possibly even one day enjoy. Sasha milks the male to a nice, slow, ruined orgasm. Not satisfied with just one, she ruins him again! And again! Sasha ruins the slave three times so that whatever message it is being given through the virtual reality device really sinks into its brain.
Production Note: This clip is shot from two camera angles. The main image is a wide angle shot. Displayed within the wide shot is a tighter picture in picture shot. All three cumshots are shown full screen from the tighter angle.


Femdom – Worship Violet Doll – The Initiation – Featuring Stella Sol

 Worship Violet Doll  The Initiation  Featuring Stella Sol  preview

455.5 MB – 1920×1080 – mp4 – 00:06:11

This is the second video in a series with Goddess Stella Sol, shot in Miami with our sissy slave boy. You can find the first, “The Meet” in Goddess Stella’s store.
After climbing 30 flights of stairs to hand over thousands in cash and blank checks, we sat our slave down to sign his life away. We discussed his limits, provided consent forms, his safe word, and it was go time.
We then collared and teased him, tried out his new leash, and carefully considered all of the vicious humiliating things we planned to inflict on him that night. A tease in comparison to what lies ahead. This is BDSM foreplay.


Panties – Mistress Luna – Cock tease

 Mistress Luna  Cock tease  preview

476.4 MB – 1920×1080 – mp4 – 00:12:53

exercise your imagination and imagine, that you are now, fully mummified, layied on the bed, only your nose and your dick are free and, Me, wearing gorgeous stockings and arousing silk panties I am using you as an object for My pleasure and fun!
I am sitting on your face, forging you to inhale the sweet perfume of My Sanctum and My ass , smother you face and tease your cock! Hmmm…how you will call this?: – pleasure ? Or torture?
I will call it ,,sweet torture,, …endless edging your dick with My velvet touch hands …I take you almost there ..where you are ready to explode and than I take My hand away and, to make sure I stop your ejaculation, I whip your erected cock or, I put ice on it ..
I tell you …is a sweet torture …I love to see you like this, to use you to tease you to make you edge again and again and again ..until your brain is totally forgetting everything except ME THERE TEASING you ..again and again and again …


Orgasm Denial – Brat Princess 2 – Lola POV – The Future is Female

 Brat Princess 2  Lola POV  The Future is Female  preview

697.0 MB – 1920×1080 – mp4 – 00:09:34

As a modern feminist, I don’t believe that males are entitled to orgasm. That’s why I keep you in chastity. Today I’m going to be very generous and give you some stimulation, but the rule, as always, is that you need to stay in your chastity device and cum like a girl. I use an antique medical vibrator against your chastity, just like I usually do. But today treating you with the medical vibrator just isn’t as fun for me as it usually is. I think instead of allowing you a routine release, I want to keep you in strict orgasm denial for much longer. In fact, I think I want to keep you in denial for a year. Just think of how special it will be to cum for me after a year of strict orgasm denial. I bet after a year of no orgasms I could get you to do anything. With you desperate and more fully under my control, I’m going to begin to make small changes in your appearance. You may not perceive these adjustments at first, but within a few months, you will look in a mirror and no longer recognize yourself. Here’s a hint: Your future is female.
Note: This was a custom clip.


Chastity – Subby Hubby – Reagan’s Cuck Part 4 – Her Pussy – Reagan Lush

 Subby Hubby  Reagans Cuck Part 4  Her Pussy   Reagan Lush  preview

603.4 MB – 1920×1080 – mp4 – 00:06:57

Reagan Lush touches herself with a dildo and gets herself really wet n horny. She makes her cuckold watch and reminds him of his place as he is only allowed to stare at the beautiful pussy he may never have ever again. He is made to watch her pleasure herself in a way he never can with his small and pathetic cock. He finally gets to smell and taste her of the dildo! What a tease!


Foot Humiliation – Bratty Foot Girls – Kendra Heart’s Stinky Toejam Forced Smelling

 Bratty Foot Girls  Kendra Hearts Stinky Toejam Forced Smelling  preview

159.0 MB – 1280×720 – mp4 – 00:10:07

Fresh from a high energy work out in her cute pink gym outfit, Kendra can feel her toes and soles feeling very sweaty and greasy in her pink socks. He slave has been tied up and mouth taped with matching pink tape. She slowly removes her sneakers and gives him a nice whiff of her socks. They are wet and smell vinegary and slightly earthy. She rubs them all over his face as she laughs and makes jokes about him. She then peels off her soaked socks and makes sure his nose get buried right up inbetween her toes. They reek and the smell permeates every inch of his nostrils. Kendra is proud of how bad her feet can smell as she grips his nose between her toes. She loves torturing her slave with her stinky soles.
Starring: Kendra Heart, Jason Ninja


Trampling – CRUEL MISTRESSES – Four pointy heels – Mistress Ariel and Mistress Cleo

 CRUEL MISTRESSES  Four pointy heels   Mistress Ariel and Mistress Cleo  preview

562.2 MB – 1920×1080 – mp4 – 00:07:40

Mistress Ariel and her friend Cleo uses the slave as a human rug. This is Cleo’s very first time walking on a human body in high heels, but she is natural in it too. They cover his skin in little red scratches and marks, that their shoes are leaving behind and Cleo soon finds out the satisfying feeling it gives her when the slave grunts under her weight combined with the sharps pain, caused by her heels.