Dildo – Subby Hubby – Vanessa’s Sissy Part 6 – Tight Virgin Hole

 Subby Hubby  Vanessas Sissy Part 6  Tight Virgin Hole  preview

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Vanessa pegs her sissy slut. His hole is tight and virginal, as they have never done this before. She chose pink for the cock, his favorite color. Vanessa fucks his virgin hole, and has a hard time 1st because he is so tight. Vanessa always gets what she wants and in no time, she is fucking him good n deep with that dick just like he deserves.


Foot Fetish – Humiliation POV – You’re So Fucked For My Feet, You Stupid Braindead Footboy

 Humiliation POV  Youre So Fucked For My Feet You Stupid Braindead Footboy  preview

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I’m going to oil up my perfect feet for you. They’re going to look and taste so delicious. I know you obsess over my feet loser. You fucking worship them. I know how desperately you crave to be beneath the soles of my feet. Kiss them loser, it’s what you’re here for. You were born to lick my feet. That is your only purpose loser. And aren’t you so grateful that you have a purpose?
My feet give you purpose. You live to serve them. Your cock twitches and throbs uncontrollably as you worship them. That’s how I know you’re fucked. Fucked for my feet. You’re just a stupid horny footboy who becomes braindead at just the sight of my perfect feet. My feet are going to scramble your weak little brain until you’re a puddle before me.
You’re such a sucker for my toes. Just look how sexy they are. Every part of my feet is pure perfection. My toes, my soles, my wrinkles and my arches. They are flawless, aren’t they loser. Keep staring as your brain continues to leak out. Kiss them and thank me for this opportunity.
I am God and you worship me. You worship at my feet because that is exactly where a loser like you belongs. You live for my feet. You’re a little foot slave for me. You adore me. You just keep paying me while I degrade you more and more. You can’t stop, can you? You live to worship the feet of God. There is no other way for you to live. You will forever be a slave to my perfect toes.


Nelson – Fabulous Laylas Fighting Clips – Double Teamed by Angry Amazons! with Layla Moore & Amazon Annie

Fabulous Laylas Fighting Clips  Double Teamed by Angry Amazons with Layla Moore  Amazon Annie preview

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This guy! Thinks he can take on Annie, but Layla too?? What was he thinking?? Thinking with the wrong head led him to the wonderful world of submission holds! Steve thought this was going to be a fun time, but instead he gets a vicious beating at the hands of Layla and Annie!! They pounce on him, and Layla softens him up with a nasty choke, and Annie keeps him still, by laying her 220 pounds right on his slender frame!!! Clearly having too much fun, Annie wants a turn to choke him for a bit, so Layla tangles him up and crushes him with a vicious bodyscissor! Annie has fun choking him, but would rather punish him with her very powerful thighs… so she decides to crush his head with a nasty head scissor!!! The amazons have hi all wrapped up in their strong legs! Soon they are sitting on his chest and face, smothering him out with their weight!! Just for the hell of it, they put him in a double boston crab!!! That has to hurt!! They have more fun with him, just punishing him with their thighs and overall strength! These ladies are not playing around! A full nelson with body scissor is very painful, but when Annie has him all wrapped up that gives Layla full advantage to work on his exposed legs and ankles!! She works a nasty leg bender in there, just to amp up the PAIN!!! Layla squashes him some more sitting on his stomach and chest while Annie school girl pins him… Annie moves to sit on his face for a nice bicep flexing victory pose, and decides she isn’t quite done, yet.. Layla holds him in a nice camel clutch choke while Annie gives him a nice and personal view of her sexy sweaty ass… with a Stinkface!! How sweet! What a beatdown!
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Dildo – Cruel Strapon – Forced By Ariel – Mistress Ariel

Cruel Strapon  Forced By Ariel   Mistress Ariel  preview

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Mistress Ariel walks up to her slave and she stops there, waiting. The slave doesn’t say anything and that makes Ariel angry, because she was waiting for something clever from him. But if he doesn’t want to say sorry or explain his previous behaviour, then he is going to get punishment from her. She forces her strapon into his ass and she grabs his pelvis bone to fuck him brutally.


Bondage Male – Friendly Force – Christina QCCP

Friendly Force   Christina QCCP  preview

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What a fun 1. One of my favorite guys – we are friendly enough that I wouldn’t even call him a client anymore – lets me experiment some new reflexology therapy on him – while fully n thoroughly restrained. Affectionate, relentless, and strangely gentle. Especially considering the intensity of his, uh, gratitude.




426.9 MB – 1280×720 – mp4 – 00:14:22

This is what happens when a fan asks to have a session with Moni, we get that request by email very often.This newbie regret his decision to face moni after the first kick. He had no idea her leg was so damn muscular and heavy. We could see the desperation in his face, but Moni doesn’t do anything by half. She completed his destruction, and he went home saying it was the dumbest idea he ever had in his life. We all agree.


Femdom – Scissor Foxes – Intruder Alert – Death by Scissors – Alexa Fire

Scissor Foxes  Intruder Alert  Death by Scissors   Alexa Fire  preview

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Breaking into Alexa’s house n robbing her has HUGE consequences! She may look like your typical model but this girl has crazy muscle definition and has been mastering her scissors for quite some time. Without skipping a beat, she attacks the robber, throwing him to the ground n snagging his neck between her dangerous legs. He looks completely terrified! She laughs at her prisoner while threatening to do many things to him, including knocking him out. He begs her not to but she’s already made up her mind. She knocks him out with a reverse headscissor. Upon waking up from a long scissor nap, the girl he foolishly tried to rob is standing over him, slapping his face with her feet. He then realizes that he’s all tied up. This can’t be good as she forces him back in her leg jail. She tells him that she has called the police and that he isn’t going anywhere until they arrive. In the meantime, she decides to have some fun with him, making him scream between her scissors. She eventually grows impatient n breaks his neck with her thighs, leaving his body there until the cops arrive.