Bullwhip – DomNation – SADISTICALLY MINE! Starring Mistress Bella Blackheart

DomNation  SADISTICALLY MINE Starring Mistress Bella Blackheart preview

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Mistress Bella has a date today! A date with a fool of a man! A stubborn, single minded slave. Today he will change his ways, he just doesn’t know it yet, But Bella does, She has her prey all lined up. She will have a sadistic feat this fine evening!
She has will unwilling victim all strapped down. Maybe not tightly but its more entertaining to watch a slave squirm! He his captive to the steel web, his flesh vulnerable. Mistress Bella blasts him with several different types of painful implements. Her slave is launched into flight mode, he struggles profusely, whining and screaming, as Mistress Bella`s stiff and merciless toys violate his flesh. But it is hopeless he cannot escape and his fate evident!


Nipple Torment – DomNation – NO MORE NIPPLES FOR YOU! Starring Lady Towers

DomNation  NO MORE NIPPLES FOR YOU Starring Lady Towers preview

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In this video, The Cruel Colossus of Domination truly manhandles her slave effortlessly, from the comfort of her throne. Controlling his every movement by his collar and leash, Lady Towers is hell bent on ripping her slaves nipples from his body, using nothing more than her powerful hands and razor sharp finger nails.
The more her slave attempts to get away, the more she rag dolls him like a mere insect, overpowering him with her brute strength. A few hard slaps from the 220 lb amazon serves to his face serve to reinforce her position of absolute authority. The smile on her face is priceless as she makes her pet scream in agony.
When the towering 64 rises from her throne, you can truly appreciate the size differential as she stomps him to his knees and drags him by his collar. An awesome display of true Amazon power!


Goddess Tangent – DomNation – BUTT BOI GETS DRILLED BY THE FUCKZALL – gоddess Tangent

DomNation  BUTT BOI GETS DRILLED BY THE FUCKZALL   gddess Tangent preview

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After ravaging butt bois ass with both her fingers, the brass knuckle dildo, and the fucking machine, Goddess Tangent is ready to break out the heavy equipment in the way of the FUCKZALL. For the uninformed, the fuckzall is a modified multi-speed electric reciprocating saw with a dildo attachment. YIKES!
Goddess Tangent is indeed in rare form as she (pardon the expression) tools butt bois gaping asshole like theres no tomorrow. Trapped and locked down on all fours in a steel punishment bench with his ass exposed and vulnerable, butt boi is ready for the taking. Goddess starts off on low speed just to get her pet acclimated to the massive dildo filling his ass. In out, in out in a rhythmic pattern.
Then a few short bursts of the fuckzall has him moaning in masochistic bliss. Finally, Tangent turns up the power and plows the road until her slave is screaming and begging for mercy. But by the expressions on her face, it appears as if Goddes Tangent is having way too much fun to stop anytime soon.


Punishment – DomNation – FACE SITTING, SMOKING AND SMOTHERING – Bossy Delilah

DomNation  FACE SITTING SMOKING AND SMOTHERING   Bossy Delilah preview

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With her slave bound, helpless and spread face up on a bondage table, Bossy Delilah uses the opportunity to take a much needed smoke break. Plopping her voluptuous ass directly on his face, she lounger casually on his face smoking her cigarette, as he desperately tries to breath. Perched upon his face. Delilah effortlessly denies him even a single breath of air, as his arms and legs flail away desperately. All the while she lounges in royal fashion, as she enjoys her smoke.


Bdsm – DomNation – WEIGHTS AND SEVERE MEASURES – Bossy Delilah

DomNation  WEIGHTS AND SEVERE MEASURES   Bossy Delilah preview

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After binding his cock and ball sack so tightly that it looks like it might burst, Delilah adds several heavy steel weights to his already stretched ball sack. One after another after another, she adds more weight to his stretched out scrotum.
Fully engorged, his cock and balls are ripe for the picking, and hyper sensitive to the touch. So Goddess takes full advantage of the opportunity to torment his throbbing prunes. For starters, her dagger like long finger nails provide the right degree of discomfort. The heels of her thigh high boots even more.
A slap here and a pinch there, and her slave is screaming in agony. Delilah breaks out one of her favorite single tail whips and strikes the tip of his cock again and again with precision accuracy.
Panic stricken, he dare not move a muscle so as to not disrupt the temporary stillness of the dangling weights. But Delilah has other intentions.


Female Superiority – DomNation – I DELIGHT IN YOUR AGONY! Starring Mistress Thorn Kelly

DomNation  I DELIGHT IN YOUR AGONY Starring Mistress Thorn Kelly preview

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Mistress Thorn Kelly has been working on a slave that has upset her.
She has left his man parts in tatters as she smiled and laughed at his horrendous agony! She has beaten him with a steel paddle and hasn’t quite finished with him yet!
Thorns slave is dangling naked and vulnerable. He has already been tormented to the extreme. His penis and testicles still burn as testament to her anger. But this mistress is going to make her point! Her riding crop is in hand and pummeling his flesh. Every inch of him will be screaming for forgiveness by the time that Thorn has finished with him..


Sadism – DomNation – DICK WHIPPED AND COCK CROPPED – Mistress Cybill Troy

DomNation  DICK WHIPPED AND COCK CROPPED   Mistress Cybill Troy preview

42.5 MB – 1280×720 – mp4 – 00:06:07

Mistress Cybill Troy shows no mercy on her bound and helpless slave, as she ruthlessly whips his dick with an agonizing leather galley whip. For good measure, she puts a severe beating to his cock and nut sack with an intense riding crop. Relentlessly, she beats his cock until he is writhing in pain and begging his Goddess for a reprieve.
But his pleas fall on deaf ears. Mistress has no intention of letting up on her captive, as she revels in metering out the punishment to her pain pet. To make matters worse, Cybill has attached a 30 pound steel ball and chain to his testicles to give him something to take his mind of of the intense dick whipping. Just a little bit.