Kates-palace – Kates Palace – Let’s Fist 1 – LADY KATE and CARMEN RIVERA

Kates Palace  Lets Fist 1   LADY KATE and CARMEN RIVERA preview

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LADY KATE and CARMEN RIVERA are crowing over the size of THEIR MONSTER MAGIC WANDS. “Mine’s bigger,” CARMEN chuckles wickedly. SHE has brought along a slave to try them out on, but his pathetic little pin-prick and balls don’t inspire much admiration. Not to worry! A pair of infusion needles soon have his little raisins swelling with newfound pride. “My, my grandpa, what nice juicy melons you have!” Once he’s properly prepared, THE COCKY LADIES waste no time fastening him to the hot seat. This would take most men far past the limits of their endurance, but THE TWO ASS-DISTENDRIXES are just getting started. How fitting that the chair comes with a proper Filling Station because the greedy slave is soooo thirsty, and BOTH OBLIGING MISTRESSES are filled to the brim with kegs of precious nectar. “Enough for two October fests!” chuckles CARMEN as SHE fills a beer glass to the brim. “MY turn,” tag teams KATE and fills the glass again. “So nice to give him a pre-fuck cocktail,” taunts CARMEN, as SHE refills the empty beaker to the top. “Everything he gets from us is good,” agrees KATE as SHE reopens the stopcock. “Not that he deserves it.”


Poined Toes – GERMAN FEMDOM Lady Victoria Valente – Boot Domination: Heavy CBT game and tail torture minutes

GERMAN FEMDOM Lady Victoria Valente  Boot Domination Heavy CBT game and tail torture minutes preview

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Lady Victoria Valente: Some movie settings are shown in Splitscreen: Serious minutes for my slave! Today I wear very horny lacquer fetish boots! At the front they are very pointed! Wonderfully suited to torture the testicles of my slaves! Violent CBT game! Again and again I put my boot tips in the balls! After that comes also the tail turn! I work with my riding equipment! A very amusing game!


Corporal Punishment – D L FEMDOM PRODUCTIONS – A Judicial for Exposure – Domina Liza

D L FEMDOM PRODUCTIONS  A Judicial for Exposure   Domina Liza preview

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After being found committing indecent exposure, the prisoner is sentenced formally by Domina Liza to a judicial punishment by rebenque and dragon cane. The Domina securely straps him to the whipping bench before taking the leather rebenque in her gloved hand and striking the first blow. After the rebenque comes the fearsome dragon cane, which is delivered with unrelenting force and with no mercy shown, until the punishment is completed.


Cum Swallowers – Club Stiletto FemDom – Eat My Black Studs Cum – Goddess Jewels

Club Stiletto FemDom  Eat My Black Studs Cum   Goddess Jewels preview

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Goddess Jewels is laying on the bed, she asks her cuck if he heard her black lover fucking her. “Yes Goddess” he replies like a good little beta bitch. “I can still feel his cum running out of me” she moans and you can clearly see the cum rolling down from her pussy into her ass crack. She orders him between her legs and to lick it all up, to taste a real mans cum. She talks about how big her lovers cock is, at least 10″ she suspects and adds “The whole neighbourhood probably heard my screaming.” She asks her slave if he feels inferior and he replies that he does. naturally. She mocks him that he does not have a cock, only a little clit. She inspects his works and sees there is still cum in her ass crack. She tells him her boyfriend would be really disappointed if he heard that he hadn’t licked up all the cum so the slave works extra hard to get his tongue between her cheeks.
She tells him that her and her man were laughing while talking about him, how she loves to humiliate him and all her slaves, just to insure they never get any crazy ideas that they are real men. She then mentions that his licking is making her horny again. She tells him to get his mouth dildo and use it to fuck her. Naturally, she would never consider his actual cock, the rubber dildo will be the best she can get until her man is back for more. Not surprisingly the slave has a hard time directing the dildo into his wife’s wet pussy, you can imagine what it would be like if she ever let him try to stick his actual cock inside her, lol. She reaches down and angles his head correctly until the dildo slides inside her. She tells him her pussy is still raw because lately she seems to need sex every hour. She tells him she is going to have to find more new slaves and more new boyfriends to keep her satisfied. The slave gets into a steady motion, naturally there is no sexual pleasure for him, his only pleasure hoping he is giving her some. “I’m thinking about Leon” she says, “You don’t even exist to me.” She continues to talk about her alpha stud while also putting her slave down until she starts to get too aroused and then gets lost in her own bliss. She pulls the slaves hair to assist his efforts until she screams with pleasure. Once satisfied she orders him to crawl away and back to his cage. “I think I need to get Leon back over here now”, she smiles!


Brat Girls – Brat Princess 2 – Cali and Vienna – Sexual Harassment Policy Requires Tighter Chastity Tubes

Brat Princess 2  Cali and Vienna  Sexual Harassment Policy Requires Tighter Chastity Tubes preview

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Vienna is the Sexual Harassment Prevention Coordinator and she is handling a complaint from Cali about Danni. Danni is already kept in chastity but Cali believes it is not tight enough. She feels uncomfortable. Cali wants him in a smaller tighter tube. She feels she should be able to wear what every sexy clothes she wants without him getting a boner no matter how small it is. She also thinks that her fun teasing of Danni in the morning by tickling his balls should not have to result in him getting any type of erection. She wants it so small and tight that she cant see any hardness at all. Vienna completely agrees and she shows Cali the new tighter tube. She squeals with delight and mocks Danni. See I told you I would win! Now you have to wear the smaller one. Ha Ha! Danni is facing a huge sexual harassment law suit that could ruin him. His complaints get him even more time in chastity. He takes off the old one and squeezes himself into the new smaller one. Cali locks it back in place and puts it back on her belly ring. Vienna thinks it is adorable that she wears the chastity key on her belly ring. This is not sexual harassment she declares. The girls test the new tube. Vienna puts her breasts in his place. Danni is miserable. Vienna knows that she can wear her low cut blouse that shows off her amazing cleavage without being harassed by a boner. Cali tickles his balls with her new pedicure. Next they work on Dannis foot worship. The girls put their stocking feet into his mouth and make him suck on them. Cali fucks his mouth with her foot. Danni is utterly humiliated by the hot office girls. The girls start talking about Mr. Johnson. He is a male that does not wear a chastity tube. He gets to fuck the office girls when he wants. He is so attractive. The high heel s that He likes are tough on Calis feet. She uses the chastity boys to worship her feet so they dont feel so sore. Danni is threatened with spikes inside the chastity tube. He has to stop leaking pre cum! This means he will get the spikes. No pre-cum is allowed no matter how backed up he gets. Danni has to also buy the girls new skirts and bikinis! The girls then take off their stocking and make Danni lick and suck their bare toes. This video shows how companies are fighting sexual harassment from undesirable males. Undesirable males face financial ruin from a sexual harassment law suit if they do not wear chastity tubes and obey the wishes of the office girls.
Clip contains: Cali, Vienna, office domination, chastity, sexual harassment, foot worship, stockings, humiliation


Ball Abuse – Ball Busting Chicks – I whip them small again – Lady Amy

Ball Busting Chicks  I whip them small again   Lady Amy preview

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Her shoe sole cleaner has to clean her dirty sole only with his tongue. From time to time he masturbate at doing the shoe job and receives a tease or a denial from the Mistress, depending in what kind of mood she is. This time she goes for a brutal cock whipping. First she beats his bouncing boner with her hand, eventually she might hit the balls as well. Then she force him to masturbate harder in front of her to whip his stiff cock in the most painful way! The brutal Mistress laughs when she see his cock got small again from the whipping.
Length 8:42 minutes.


Tease & Denial – Ball Busting Chicks – Her working slave get punished – Empress

Ball Busting Chicks  Her working slave get punished   Empress preview

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This slave is supposed to do craftsmen work for the ladies. For his stupidity and laziness she decides to teach him a lesson in cruel female domination. He get humiliated as she force him to work with a dumbbell tied on his genitals while she is belting his back. She grabs the ball leash to force him following her backwards. Give him working instructions and hindering his movements at the same time by stepping on the weight with her boots. She threatens him with ripping off his balls and at the end she moves the electric drill closer and closer to the ball sack… Triggering horrible castration fantasies!
Length 9:38 minutes.