Female Domination – Brat Princess 2 – Amadahy and Sasha – Use Chastity slave as Human Ashtray

Brat Princess 2  Amadahy and Sasha  Use Chastity slave as Human Ashtray preview

633.2 MB – 1920×1080 – mp4 – 00:08:14

Amadahy and Sasha are looking incredibly sexy in lingerie. The ashtray slave is kept in tight chastity, so they feel comfortable using his mouth, even while dressed provocatively. The girls make small talk while ashing into the slave. They spit into its mouth and talk about the slave’s chastity training. The ashtray’s chastity is strict, but they think they can get it into an even tighter size. Amadahy and Sasha talk about how they have been encouraging a female frenemy to gain weight. They have been feeding her, trying to get her very fat, because they think it’s funny to watch how sad she gets when her clothes no longer fit. They talk about bullying this girl into gaining more weight. Then, they put both of their cigarettes out on the ashtray’s tongue. They make sure the ashtray swallows the butts. Amadahy and Sasha head off to the mall to buy more clothes for themselves. Shopping is fun for them because they have perfect figures. Everything they try on looks great on their fit bodies.


Pornstars – THE MEAN GIRLS – Ravens Ballbusting Prisoner

THE MEAN GIRLS  Ravens Ballbusting Prisoner preview

826.4 MB – 1920×1080 – mp4 – 00:09:28

Raven is keeping a slave prisoner as punishment. He is shackled up in the backyard of Mean Girl Manor for all of Us to kick whenever We feel like it. So We decide to take advantage of the helpless slave. He is shackled using handcuffs with his hands high above his head and he has his legs spread apart by this awesome new SPREADER bar that Goddess Raven got to use on slaves so their balls are always COMPLETELY exposed to Our kicks- no matter how hard We kick them!
In this clip We just go to town on its balls and there is nothing it can do about it! LOL We even tease it once in awhile, getting nice n close to it…and then SLAM! A knee right up into its groin! LOL And the really funny thing is this loser actually gets HARD from Our kicks into it balls!! I guess maybe ANY attention from US for a SLAVE is exciting to them?? Pathetic…
It is SO much fun for Us to abuse these fuckers. And THIS mutherfucker is going to be shackled up outside for a looong time…!!!


Pantyhose – THE MEAN GIRLS – Mirror-slave, Mirror-slave On The Wall – Goddess RANDI

THE MEAN GIRLS  Mirrorslave Mirrorslave On The Wall   Goddess RANDI preview

431.5 MB – 1280×720 – mp4 – 00:07:22

I decided to “re-purpose” My new slave into something useful to Me…a “MIRROR-SLAVE” thats stands at attention all day long in My palace throne room, holding a mirror so I can gaze upon My own beauty whenever I feel like it- which is like all the time. LOL.
It’s just like the Evil Queen in all those Disney movies you watched growing up- only I’m waaay hotter. (And probably meaner and more sadistic too!) �� I always LOVED the evil Queen in all those movies…and I wanted to BE her! To have all that POWER and have slaves serving you and pee-ons lives that you could out on a whim if you wanted to…yay! I would SO LOVE that! And I guess I have it now! ��
Anyway, I make this idiot answer My questions (including “who is the fairest?” �� among others over and over.. And what do I do to make sure I get the RIGHT answer EVERY time! I kick it in its NUTS after each question before it answers, that’s how! HAHA! And you better believe that this bitch ALWAYS tells Me its ME after THESE pointy-toed stilettoes get SLAMMED up into its nutsac! LOL! And he has to keep holding that mirror for Me too, no matter how hard I kick him! HAHA!! Aren’t I CRUEL???
Btw, I told My editing slave to leave it in at the end where the slave finally “breaks” from Me kicking him! ��
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Cbt – THE MEAN GIRLS – GOOOOOOL – Goddess Gabriella

THE MEAN GIRLS  GOOOOOOL   Goddess Gabriella preview

565.3 MB – 1280×720 – mp4 – 00:09:38

Goddess Gabriella (AKA “The Persian Princess”) wants to ty her hand (or foot?) and ballkicking. So happily hand over to her the ballkicking slave I inherited from my daughter. I simply drag him out of his cage, walk him over like a dogg to a spot in front of the throne (so I can sit & watch) and give her the “green light” to kick away to her heart’s content! She even asked if her cute little ankle boots were “ok” to wear because they had little spikes and studs all over them. I assured her not to worry- this is what ballkicking slaves were made for! LOL!
But then something funny happened…it came up in conversation that apparently The Persian Princess was a SOCCER player in college! LOL! My slave literally DROPPED to his knees and began SHOWERING My feet – and Gabriella’s – I guess in some futile attempt to beg for MERCY after hering this girl really KNOWS how to KICK and kick HARD! LOL…oh well…no mercy is given of, course, and I stand him up and command him to spread his legs for her…
She took some time warming up, but she REALLY gave him some good ones!! ��


Humiliation – THE MEAN GIRLS – Count The Kicks – Mistress Tangent

THE MEAN GIRLS  Count The Kicks   Mistress Tangent preview

317.2 MB – 1280×720 – mp4 – 00:21:17

Mistress Tangent and I bring the slave in and get him ready for us to destroy his balls. The slave is positioned on its back, hands cuffed to couch, spreader bar on ankles. He sees the Plinko stand next to him, of course. We take turns dropping plinko chips and wherever they land tells us how many kicks to the slave’s BALLS we get to deliver! Each kick is delivered “foot-slap style” in rapid succession while looking down and taunting the slave. When one of us is kicking, the other is covering slave’s mouth with our foot to muffle its screams. LOL. SUCH a fun game to play! (For US, anyway!)
This is a great clip for those of you that wanna hear our foot realy SLAP against the slave’s balls and if you like seeing repeated kicks rapid-fire no matter how much pain the stupid slave is in. We love when Mistress Tangent visits the Manor…
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High Heels – THE MEAN GIRLS – Beaten For The Queen

THE MEAN GIRLS  Beaten For The Queen preview

449.1 MB – 1280×720 – mp4 – 00:07:40

There’s nothing I enjoy better than watching my palace guards Jennifer and Ivy whip a lowly slave for my enjoyment. But this time they really outdid themselves. That miserable slave’s body started out without a mark and by the time they were done it was covered with welts and cutts. At one point they double teamed him, each wielding their vicious whips from a different side while the slave whined and whimpered. This is just the thing that gets me hot – seeing a slave receiving punishment for no other reason than I want him to. And after being beaten to the breaking point, I made him THANK me for the privilege by kissing my feet. Life is good for a Queen with devoted slaves.
This is a pretty vicious clip!


Kates-palace – Kates Palace – Shiva’s Lesson – Listen or Learn to Feel 2 – Domna Kate

Kates Palace  Shivas Lesson  Listen or Learn to Feel 2   Domna Kate preview

1.2 GB – 1280×720 – mp4 – 00:50:34

Returning to the clinic, DOMINA KATE discovers that neither Shiva nor the slave have obeyed orders. Disobedience tends to provoke HER most brutally unpredictable behaviour. While dressing down the cheeky Shiva, LADY KATE harasses her greedy slut buttons with tight breast bondage. Then, fastening the switch-wielding/loving babe to the cross, THE AESTHETIC DOMINA stripes her ass the same pretty colour as her pervy purple hair. In due time, the Domme/Sub must take her place on the Gyno-chair, where THE GOOD MISTRESS fucks her with a strap-on until the switch-fucking Lass is all but totally overwhelmed with pleasure/pain. After using the anxious slave as HER personal trash can and dumb waiter, THE STERN DOMINA finds a set of needles and gets right to the heart of the matter, piercing Miss Switcheo’s areolas with diabolical glee. Then SHE vibrates the perverse lady who can’t make up her mind to a bloody climax at the moment of her greatest pain. Subjugation may be rewarded in the Palace, but not until everything goes exactly the way THE DOMINA EXTRAORDINAIRE expects. Has SHE made HERSELF perfectly clear!


Cumshot – Hand Domination – Edging and teasing this cock resulted in – Riley Brooke

Hand Domination  Edging and teasing this cock resulted in   Riley Brooke preview

442.3 MB – 1440×1080 – mp4 – 00:17:48

This femdom handjob is all about the art of teasing n edging a unguarded penis. Look up the definition of “cock-tease”, and you’d definitely find a picture of Mistress Brooke. Her slaves’ arms and legs have been rendered useless. Genuine leather straps and restraints bind his wrists, arms, and ankles together. Riley could do whatever she desires with the defenseless meat-stick. From beginning too end she teased this cock without mercy. Once the cock got hard, she kept it that way. Riley never strokes long enough or fast enough for the cock to cum. She sat on the slaves chest with her asshole just below his chin. Although the slave wore a sight restrictive hood, he could feel those warm ass cheeks pressing against his chest as she stroked his steel erection. Then she laid beside the slave with one leg thrown over his chest. With one hand she stroked the uber stiff dick, and plunged a huge horse-cock sized dildo in her pussy with the other. During her orgasms she simply ignored the cock in bondage. The handjob was all about her. All the cock teasing caused the dick to erupt, shooting out lots and lots of cum for Riley. As soon as the cock began spurting semen, Riley stopped stroking it! One of the best ruined orgasms ever! She enjoyed milking the cock for cum. What she liked most however, was the pain and agony it caused the slave as she stroked his sensitive cock way too long after orgasm.