Spanked – Club Stiletto FemDom – Every Maid Needs A Break From Her Cleaning Duties – Mistress Kandy

 Club Stiletto FemDom  Every Maid Needs A Break From Her Cleaning Duties   Mistress Kandy  preview

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Sissy Nikki has not only been trained to suck cocks but to do domestic chores as well. Mistress Kandy needs a clean house but after leaving her slave alone for a few hours Kandy gets restless and wants to inflict some pain on her dirty little cum slut. As Nikki is dusting Kandy gets up and gives her a swat with her crop and then her paddle. Kandy pulls the sissy’s panties down around her knees and flogs her while she continues to dust.
Eventually Kandy tells Nikki to crawl over to the couch and kneel on the floor. She then starts to abuse her ass switching from the crop to her paddle. Soon nikki’s fat ass is starting to get rather red and bruised. Kandy reminds her that working for her is the most important thing she does. “More important than your family, or your friends.” She tells her suggesting that in fact she really doesn’t need friends at all. “All you need is me.” She says. Now Kandy starts to flog with much more effort and reminds Nikki that she will still be spending most of her time servicing men, giving them blow jobs and rim jobs. “Men will pay more to have their asses licked.” She tells Nikki, “So you should be offering to suck their cocks and eat their asses too.” After more flogging Nikki’s ass, Kandy has the sissy turn to the camera and pull up her dress to show off her chastity device. “Isn’t that pretty, it never comes off.” Kandy says as the sissy drips cum from her clitty. “My slave for life.” Kandy says with a grin.


Sissy Training – Club Stiletto FemDom – Tasty Balls And Hot Cum For Sissy – Mistress Kandy

 Club Stiletto FemDom  Tasty Balls And Hot Cum For Sissy   Mistress Kandy  preview

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Kandy has invited her friend Roger over for a special surprise and that surprise is a blow job from her new sissy Nikki. Kandy leads in her former gardener, who recently considered himself a stud and tried to come on to her, on a collar and leash. Kandy used a secret potion to convince the gardener that he really wants to be a slutty girl who longs for nothing but cocks in her mouth and ass. Roger comments that the sissy is coming along nicely and wonders how she will do sucking him. First Kandy tells Nikki to nudge his cock through his shorts and to sniff his manliness. Nikki eagerly removes Rogers shorts when ordered to do so and Kandy has ‘her’ tell them how badly she wants to suck cock.
The two tops laugh that Nikki is in chastity and once the cocksucker has got Roger hard by sucking she starts to use her hand to stroke him as well. “Cup his balls and feel his juice that is going to be going down your throat” Kandy says. Nikki is clearly in love with this cock and does everything to prove that she is a talented and committed cock sucker. Kandy reminds Nikki that her all her nutrition is now coming from cum as she knows this will insure the sissy wants more, more, more cocks every day. As it’s her first blowjob of the day Nikki is hungry for her first meal. Now Roger stands up and strokes his cock while Nikki opens her mouth to get her cream. Nikki licks his balls while he strokes until he can’t hold off anymore and blows a huge load across nikkis face and into her mouth. Roger uses his cock to guide the cum from nikkis face into her mouth. Nikki licks up and down Rogers cock until it is squeaky clean. “Oh my, the next stud will be here in two minutes” she tells her nasty little slut. Another busy day ahead for our little cocksucker!


Blackmail Facesitting – Club Stiletto FemDom – Teacher Treats Her Principal Like Garbage – Miss Lily

 Club Stiletto FemDom  Teacher Treats Her Principal Like Garbage   Miss Lily  preview

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Sexy school teacher Miss Lily has blackmailed her principal (Imagine What The School Board And Your Wife Would Think) and now he has to come to her place whenever she likes and do as she demands. She’s sitting on his chest and comments that others at school wonder what she has on him as she gets away with treating him like trash. “The more I invite him over the more dirt I have on him”, she laughs. Lily now moves back plunking her ass right on his face. She butt slams him several times and calls him nasty names before sitting down and covering his mouth and nose completely. Her ass just looks amazing as always.
She moves into reverse position and while he fights for air she says that she thinks he really likes it even though he does seem to put up a fuss. She calls him a slave and says that she thinks it’s time for a raise at work and he puts up no fight and agrees to make it happen. Lily sits full weight and does gentle bounces so he is completely sealed. She does not get up even as he starts to kick for air. He reaches up with his hands and kicks his legs after over a minute and a half without breathing but still she keeps her place firmly on his ass. When she does get up he gasps desperately for air, but not satisfied that he is still breathing she sits down again, this time for good. “What a loser” she says shaking her head.


Small Feet – Club Stiletto FemDom – Trampled Worthless Rug – Miss XI

 Club Stiletto FemDom  Trampled Worthless Rug   Miss XI  preview

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The scene opens as Miss XI sits on the couch while her slave warms her feet with his mouth. Her sadistic nature soon shows through, however, and she decides to trample him as she’s conditioning him to become a perfect human rug. “You don’t want a rug that is overly loud” she explains, “that’s why I like to trample his face and cover his mouth completely.” She has one foot over his mouth and adds the second one, which allows her to stand fully on his head. XI explains that her slave must be fit, as round, lumpy carpets are difficult to walk on, and she walks down the slave’s face and body.
She sits down, slaps his face with her foot, and asks if he’s looking forward to having her hot girlfriends come over to help her trample him. He nods yes, which pleases her, because rugs should never speak. XI walks and jumps on her rug and you get some great views of her feet and soles. She mocks the slave for being a cheap throwaway rug that’s easily disposable. She says she might try to sell him at her next garage sale or just give him to the old lady next door who might even make use of him as an ass licker. As she stands on his chest, she fills his mouth with her toes and rubs her foot over his mouth and the rest of his face. While she walks down his body, she suggests putting on her stilettos to prepare him for the lady next door, who weighs three times as much as her.