Pantyhose – American Mean Girls – Shopping Slave

American Mean Girls  Shopping Slave preview

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One of Our favorite things to do with slaves is of course take all their money. That is what slaves are for. They are PROPERTY, so whatever belongs to them belongs to ME.
I decided to humiliate one of My slaves by dragging it through the mall, making it walk behind Me carrying My bags, and bossing it around and laughing at it in front of all the sales ladies in every store we went into. I flat-out told some of them “this is My slave”- they thought it was hilariious and said stuff like “I want one!” LOL.
By the way, this is ALL REAL. I really made the slave buy Me all this sh*tt IN REAL LIFE. And made another slave come to walk behind us and film it. LOL. Then I make the loser kneel out in the parking lot to rub My feet as people alk by and put My new shoes on My feet before I make him drive Me back home- to My boyfriend.
(FYI- This is a really long video and was filmed on a smartphone, so it is a little shaky and hard to hear what is being said.)