Pov – Akira Shell starring in video ‘Double Milking Machine Punishment’

Akira Shell starring in video Double Milking Machine Punishment preview

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“You and Anastasia take turns teasing me in different tight t shirts and crop tops. You tell me that my punishment for cumming in your mouth in the last video is that you both are going to tease me mercilessly for an entire week. I won’t be allowed to cum as you stretch and bounce around at practice. You and Anastasia are going to try on different tops to see how I react so you know which ones to wear at practice this week. You tie me to the milking machine and make me watch as you come in first wearing nothing but tight yoga pants/leggings and a crop top. You spend a few minutes showing off your body and bouncing your breasts in my face. While you tease me you are describing how torturous this week of no orgasms is going to be. After a few minutes of this you leave the camera screen and Anastasia comes in wearing tight shorts and a different crop top. She does the same thing and bounces around and teases me with her tits. After a few minutes she leaves and you come back into the camera view wearing a different top and repeat the process. While you tease me you also both tell me that every night after practice you are going to tie me to the bed and take turns riding my cock while the other girl straddles my face. You are going to edge me for hours and bust my balls when I get too close to cumming. I am to call you both goddess from now on. The two of you continue to trade off teasing me in different shirts and by the end of the movie I am begging to be allowed to cum.”
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