Pov – Czech Soles – Megan’s incredibly smelly feet and socks

 Czech Soles  Megans incredibly smelly feet and socks  preview

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It’s a beautiful summer and Megan spent it in the countryside, walking all day and getting to know the harsh nature. She has just arrived to her home which she shares with one flatmate – Charlie. He’s not in yet so Megan can relax for a while. She makes her self comfortable and takes off her shoes and…oh my god…what a smell! Her socks smell so bad! She immediately tries to find a clean pair of socks but all of them are dirty. She doesn’t know what to do but she has to do something because Charlie is coming in pretty soon. Megan decides she’ll rather put those shoes back on to mask the stink and just a minute after that Charlie comes home. He notices Megan is still wearing her dirty shoes and he tells her to take them off. After a short fight he takes them off for her and he’s almost knocked down by that smell. Jesus, Megan’s shoes smell so bad! But after a while he notices the smell is not gone. It’s her socks too! After they are gone too her feet start to smell all over the place. Charlie gives up after Megan refuses to take a shower and rather leaves than to smell her stinky feet.