Public Humiliation – THE MEAN GIRLS – Interviewer Bias – Miss Amber and Ms. Platinum

 THE MEAN GIRLS  Interviewer Bias   Miss Amber and Ms Platinum  preview

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Ms. Platinum is the hiring manager at a major Fortune 500 corporation. She brings in two candidates to interview for the same management position, and the two candidates find out that they have to interview with her at the same time in her office!
One is an Ivy League educated man in his 40s with tons of business experience, and the other looks like she is just a spoiled-rotten 19 year old girl with barely a high school education!
When the man arrives to see this hot young girl sitting in the only interview seat in the office, he can’t believe it. Miss Platinum indicates that he can “just kneel” in front of her desk for the interview- while the female candidate gets to sit with dignity in a chair. He is mortified! But after meekly complaining about this kind of treatment not being acceptable, he begrudgingly complies.
Unfortunately for him, it only gets worse from there.
This company apparently has zero respect for male employees and actually openly discourages the hiring of them! Women have the advantage now in the workplace, and they are hired for all upper management positions, no matter how young or unqualified they may be- as long as they are hot.
And his competition for this job – “Miss Amber” – is definitely HOT. She quickly realizes that she has this job in the bag once her and Miss Platinum start talking and getting along wonderfully. Soon she is teaming up with Miss Platinum to completely degrade this old loser during the interview! The old man is made to literally strip naked, gets openly mocked by both women- and then even made to rub his young female competitor’s feet!
SPOILER ALERT: “Miss Amber” gets offered a CEO-level position! And she ends up asking Miss Platinum if she can keep the old man on staff as her “personal assistant” just to she can keep bossing him around! She even decides to make him suffer the indignity of being used as a HUMAN FOOTSTOOL for her while she is sitting in Miss Platinum’s office chatting with her about her new job…and comments that “maybe this is something she will use him for on a regular basis!”
(Watch the clip to see how badly this 19 year old girl ends up degrading this old man that is literally twice her age, once she realizes that she can get away with it!) SUPER HOT CLIP!