Public Humiliation – THE MEAN GIRLS – Taking Out The Trash – Princess Ashley and Princess Chanel

 THE MEAN GIRLS  Taking Out The Trash   Princess Ashley and Princess Chanel  preview

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This is the beginning of our real-life “session” with “Euro-Trash Slave”. From a 1-minute opening of us explaining how we got here, to what we plan on doing to him- to us actually driving over to his hotel and grabbing him right out of his room and tossing him into the trunk of our car and taking him to the Mean Girl Desert Punishment Compound”! Oh, and of course we filmed him PAYING us and literally laying $4,000 out AT OUR FEET! Haha
Princess Skylar (who we just met for the 1st time and was awesome!) filmed the whole thing for us so we could make even MORE $$$ off of this loser by filming our abuse of him and selling it!!
Wanna know why THIS loser gets to experience this and you haven’t?? Because he:
-Joined Our site when told to do so
-He sent his ID as commanded!
-He sent a nice deposit and proof of travel to prove he was SERIOUS!
-He agreed to be filmed AND to do it without a mask!
-And most importantly, he paid us a LOT of money to show he knows that we deserve it more than he does!
Can you do all that? Then you can come here too. Do you have a problem with any of that? Then…you can just keep watching and dreaming, loser! Because quite honestly, we get sick of slaves that wrote to us and just TALK about coming here, or have a problem with our demands. Be a REAL slave like this one, and you can come here too!!