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Posted: July 13, 2021
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Mistress An Li  Better When Bound  Part II preview

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With your head triply secured in latex hood, rubber gas mask, and head immobilizer, your arms restrained in a straitjacket, your legs bound in ballet boots and frogtie, and most importantly, your cock and balls available for my entertainment, it’s time to add a little bit more on.
A piss bubbler, to be precise. One filled with my golden champagne so that you can huff and puff away at my essence while I toy with your cock.
Electrodes on your cock and balls, so you know exactly how this guys. I electrocute you. You run the gamut between pain and pleasure. You can’t fight back. Easy, right?
What if I add the milking machine to it? Will the rubbery kiss of my Venus 2000 be able to suck you right off until you cum? Or will the electricity be too much? Will I even allow you to cum? Or will I ruin it again and again?
You know it’s never as easy as just cumming. I’m going to complicate it, make it harder for you. And why not? It’s fun, and you’re my bitch.
Features: electroplay, electrical play, heavy and strict male bondage, milking machine, edging games, tens unit, straitjacket, gas mask, breath play, scent play, leather fetish, tease and denial, cock tease, orgasm control, orgasm denial, post-orgasm , post cum , CBT


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