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Posted: April 1, 2019

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Andi Page, the girl with the legs of stone, tells Charles she should be praying to her if he’s praying approaching her then the vicious black-haired beauty puts him to sleep in the calf-choke figure-four used often in Japan that is becoming a terrible tool for the scissors superstar. Here she shows the hold to a curious Riot who remarks at his face as Charles goes to bed in the hold — muscles busting out of Andi’s tight black jeans. Skullbusting headscissors. Riot covers his mouth with her foot as Charles sleeps again. Andi’s answer is to heel him in the stomach until she feels him flexing then lean back and make him scream in the headscissors again. She facesits him as he screams into what Riot points out is one of the best asses anywhere, raining kciks into his gut. She laughs as he gasps in her throatscissors — what fellow superstar Mikaela calls her “anaconda” Back into the figure-four calf scissors. No one has any chance in them her enormous calves and her skill. Riot praises how good she is at the hold then gives him a break awake by pressing her sole of her Size 10 over his face and mouth. He’s beaten – -face down on the mat as she whips him with what Riot calls here “the Charles towel” as Andi snaps his bald spot so hard with the towel he begs her to stop. Andi asks him if she’s a bully. He screams in side headscissors before snaking her huge calf back under his chin. Duration: 9:24


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