Scissorhold – Foxy Dolls – Twelve Minutes of Slaughter re-match

 Foxy Dolls  Twelve Minutes of Slaughter rematch  preview

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Ina forced her “victim” to fight her a couple of weeks ago, with disastrous result for the guy. He wasn´t himself for some time. Ina gave him a week to recover then he had to face her again, this time in the ring. You will notice that the guy is truly scared remembering last time and the slaughter, and now he has to endure it once more. The match starts and Ina pushes him into the corner of the ring, and starts to beat him, kicking him in the groins a couple of times. Then she sits on his knees locking his head pulling it to the side, ouch. The she pulls him down sitting on his chest and face. Back into the ring, the guy is already like a ghost, not knowing what is happening. He just has to follow in Ina´s lead when she does head scissors, face sitting, arm locks, breast smother, etc. The last three mins is a surprise, because in the spur of the moment Ina decides to tie his arms on the ropes, to have some fun. The guy, now totally exhausted has to endure long, heavy stink faces from his mistress. He just have to take it, because what can he possibly do when Ina rules?