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You wake up at the feet of two gorgeous women coaxing you out of a slumber. Thing is, you can’t remember who they are or what the hell happened last night. They talk about what a good time they had and you’re hoping to give them some more of what ever it is they want. They plead with you to come over and give them that big cock again, but then laugh as you realize there is a cage on your cock and balls! WTF! They tell you that you did not in fact fuck them last night, they brought you home from the bar after you made a fool about yourself, going on and on about how good you are in bed and how much ladies love your D. So they thought they’d teach you a lesson and lock you up for good! They are however, willing to work with you on your release, if only you’d open your eyes and see the keys dangling in front of you! Only thing you have to do is guess which one is the right key and they will let you out! But choose wisely, if you’re wrong the cage stays on for good!