Slave Punishment – Asian Cruelty – TALONS OF TORMENT Starring Goddess Natsumi

Asian Cruelty  TALONS OF TORMENT Starring Goddess Natsumi  preview

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Strapped to my special bondage chair, my slave’s future is literally in my hands, and I will play with him as I please. Like so many times in the life of a slave, the source of his pleasure also carries an element of pain. My slave has conflicting feelings regarding my long sharp fingernails.
On the one hand they arouse him, and he desperately craves my touch. On the other, he is panic stricken that my long, sharp, sexy nails will in an instant turn into an instrument of torment.
First I want to see how my easily nails will mark his skin, so I scratch a long thin line down his chest. The marks on this slave’s pale, white skin are deep and red and I do so enjoy seeing this. I cover his whole body with razor-sharp nail marks across his flesh, paying special attention to his sensitive nipples.
He should never forget his entire body belongs to me, and the marks I’ll leave today will be a constant reminder, at least for awhile. I know he would prefer to feel a softer touch from me, but my cruel and sadistic nature simply will not allow it.