Slave Training – ASIAN MEAN GIRLS – THE OBEDIENT IMPOTENT! Starring Goddess Saya Song

ASIAN MEAN GIRLS  THE OBEDIENT IMPOTENT Starring Goddess Saya Song  preview

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Goddess Saya this poor, woeful slave by the balls! He has been very obedient! Performed every task without flaw and on time. His so called reward is the privilege of relieving himself but this rapidly turns to a punishment as Goddess Saya starts laying on the insults and pressure. He has very little time to perform this SELF gratifying task and it looks like he will fail, the task in hand per say is just too much for him and clearly too little for the Goddess. This pitiful little creature is about to be locked away in chastity for another month and he’s just too weak and pathetic to do a thing about it