Sock Smelling – Goddess Natalie starring in video ‘Entranced to forever obsess over feet’

Goddess Natalie starring in video Entranced to forever obsess over feet preview

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Whether you like feet or not yet…whether you’re been watching foot porn and jerking off to it or always found it repulsive, this clip is gonna turn you into a total foot addict. You will obsess over feet, you’ll dream of me, imagine sniffing them, tasting them, seeing them in front of your face, being sm*thered by them, kissing them…
You won’t be able to erase my dirty feet from your mind ever again after watching this. And…it might also give you a little dirty socks obsession, as well, just as a bonus �� you’re welcome!
Now, let’s get started, because I can tell that you’re incredibly eager to get entranced by me. You seem to have had a rather long, tiring day, so it only makes sense that you want to have a blank, empty mind now and fall into a trance…probably deeper than ever before! As a bonus, I might even let you stroke your cock �� who knows?
P.S.: For this particular clip, you will need some dirty socks – preferably mine that you will have purchased in advance – DM me for details and make sure you have them before you click play. If you’re too much of a cheapo, a povo or simply couldn’t move your ass in time to purchase mine, then use a pair of your own, and make sure they’re extra stinky!