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Posted: September 10, 2022

Domina Planet FOOT HUMILIATION My Foot Hole   Empress L preview

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Empress L is minding Her own business, working out in Her living room in a pair of white booty-shorts and a white cut-off top and sneakers. She notices out of the corner of Her eye, some movement. She pretends She doesn’t notice, but She can see his reflection in Her mirror and his hand beating his pathetic meat. She pretends to leave to get something, but grabs some gear and sneaks out the door, behind the peeping Tom, and takes him by surprise. She gets him cuffed, hooded, collared and leashed, and pushes him into the living room. She puts one white-sneaker-covered foot on his chest:
“You thought you were gonna use Me to spank your pathetic meat to? I don’t think so, bitch. I’m gonna be the one that uses YOU. Now clean my fucking shoe”
He starts to lick Her shoe clean, getting both sides of each upper. She then sits on the sofa and takes Her sneakers off, throwing them on his body. She puts Her sweaty socks in his face:
“Smell them, you’re gonna be My foot bitch”
She rubs Her sweaty feet in his face, making him smell them and then suck them clean. She has him pull them off with his teeth, and then has him start up on the main course: Her perfect, pedicured feet.
“Lick them clean, lick a popsicle. Up and down, up and down….mmmmm, get ALL that foot sweat”
SHe has him lick in between Her toes, and then starts dipping them into his mouth:
“Open your fucking mouth wider, bitch. I want to put my entire foot in it!”
She puts one foot behind his head and starts shoving the foot deeper and deeper down his throat, causing him to choke and retch, but She doesn’t pull the foot out, just keeps pushing it in, pointing Her toes like a ballerina, She keeps probing with the foot, trying to get it further down his raw throat. Then She points the second foot and starts working it in:
“Get both of my feet down your throat, slave. You’re just a foot-cleaning hole to me. Nothing more. Now get your foot hole mouth W-I-D-E-R!”
She gets all 20 toes into his mouth, stretching it out grotesquely, She laughs at him as he screeches in pain. She keeps pushing them down until he retches hard enough to expel them. She giggles and puts one foot deep down and the other behind his head, pushing even farther. Finally, She announces She’s bored and they are going to the next stage…


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