Soles – Planet of the Arches – Dixie’s Reeking Sneakers One Shoe

Planet of the Arches  Dixies Reeking Sneakers One Shoe preview

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Dixie is wearing her four-year old, super worn, reeking Nike Shox! Those things are not to be taken lightly. She mentioned in her interview how one of her boyfriends reacted when he smelled them.l to go easy on you, by just taking off one of her abused shoes. You can see how dirty her foot is from it. She wiggles her toes and spreads them as she talks about her sneakers. I ask Dixie to sniff her sneaker and tell me how it smells. There is something hot about a beautiful girl with stinky feet from wearing a pair of her very worn, sweaty sneakers. I let her film her feet while I show her a pair of sky high stiletto pumps. Dixie looks at them in disbelief. She mentions how when she wears pumps similar to those, her arches are so high, they can be seen from the side. Dixie then goes back to mesmerizing you with her one shoe tease. Will she take off her other sneaker, or not?