Spanking – Cinched and Secured – Rachel Saves Her Sister – Part 2

 Cinched and Secured  Rachel Saves Her Sister  Part 2  preview

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After finding herself taken captive when she tried to save her sister, Rachel now finds herself stripped to her panties and frog tied, her wrists bound behind her, breasts exposed and a fat red ball gag strapped into her mouth. She struggled, the drool flying from her silenced mouth as she did so, which only served to attract the attention of her captor. He explains, to Rachel’s terror, that her sister wants Rachel to suffer at the hands of her tormentor. Rachel cowers and attempts to shrink away as he places a pair of vicious clamps on her large nipples, but her escape attempts are rendered moot when her bound wrists are wrenched into the air behind her and tied off. Now she is helpless to stop her beautiful bottom from being soundly spanked and punished with a firm hand and a riding crop, the girl yelping with each swat. Finally, the man leaves her alone and helpless, but not before informing her that her sister is spreading her current location and situation to a number of large, horny men who have no reservations about abusing a poor helpless bound beauty! Now in pure horror, Rachel fights against her rope, hoping to free herself before her “visitors” arrive!