Spanking – DomNation – A CRUEL AND MERCILESS DICK WHIPPING – Alex Amazonia

DomNation  A CRUEL AND MERCILESS DICK WHIPPING   Alex Amazonia preview

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Alex Amazonia is a woman that is tall in stature and her size directly proportional to her ruthlessness. She towers over most men with an intimidating presence and any fool that is naive enough to cross her will pay in pain.
When Alex`s slave carelessly ruins one of her favorite Latex dresses, she finds herself at her wits end with this hopeless excuse for a man. He will not only be forced to buy her a new dress but he will suffer the same fate every day until it has been replaced.
She renders her slave helpless, his hands are bound to his thighs in a tormentive fashion that almost allows him to protect himself from the ferocious avalanche of pain that’s in store for him. Alex treats him tenderly at first taunting him and belittling his little penis while caressing him. But the niceties don’t last long as Alex unleashes on his penis! A torrent of hard strikes send her little pussy slave reeling in anguish. Hes moaning and gasping as Alex sadistically beats his little man meat to pieces.
Once his man parts have been dealt with Alex mounts him on a spanking bench and administers a Harsh and humiliating spanking, that leaves him blushing and welted.