Stocking Foot Licking – Mistress Iside – RUTHLESS FOOT GAGGING

 Mistress Iside  RUTHLESS FOOT GAGGING  preview

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My personal slave has a too small mouth, it seems so tender with those little pink lips but this creates difficulties when I decide to use it in some practices. In this regard a Mistress friend of mine advised me a great way to solve this problem, fuck her mouth so fiercely enough to tear it to the edges, obviously the foot must go to a depth much more unusual than normal and this means double suffering. But this is an absolutely necessary training for this young slave who still has so much to learn. With her head resting on the ground and her mouth wide open I will undoubtedly reach up to his throat, but if I move his head to a more appropriate position I will be able to put about half of my foot number 39 !!! A nice goal, nothing to say. The future of this slave will be very interesting !!