Stories – Goddess Natalie starring in video ‘Cheating wife’s whispering mindfuck’

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Your wife was away for a pretty long time now! She was supposed to be back home from the supermarket and you got no news from her – no replies to your messages, to your calls…nothing on Facebook, either!
And when she finally gets back home, she tells you to keep quiet, because she just put the b*by to sl*ep and doesn’t want you to wake her up. Since you have to be as quiet as possible, she begins whispering, instead!
She’s going to tell you where she was and why she’s late, but you have to listen to her story naked, while stroking your cock. Is that a deal or not? And make sure you don’t moan too loud either! Just sit there quietly, listen and rub your cock!
She has a pretty interesting story to tell you – one that involves her hot ex, that latin guy who met one time. Oh…and not just him, but also his roommate, who’s also Colombian, sexy, muscular! You’re gonna like this story, I promise you, but you gotta be a real good boy and not make any noise, okay?