Sub Training – The Mean Girls – De-Sensitivity Training 101 – Princess Mia and Princess Amber

 The Mean Girls  DeSensitivity Training 101   Princess Mia and Princess Amber  preview

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So sometimes young, less-experienced Princesses actually “feel bad” about hurting or abusing slaves. But that is just pointless because slaves are not people. They are less than people- they are things. Things that were put on this Earth to be use, abused, and treated like dirt by hot young girls like Us. As an experienced Brat Princess, I actually teach a class on this philosophical theory.
My star pupil is young Princess Amber. She even brings her own slave to class with her every day! In today’s lesson for my “DE-sensitivity Training 101” class, we are really working on breaking down the slave’s sense of self-worth and ego. It MUST be reduced to seeing itself as nothing more than the sub-human garbage that it truly is. This way, its Princess Owner can get the most work and money out of it!
We start with face-slapping. Then we move on to some hardcore verbal abuse to really break it down. And then finally we end with some REALLY dehumanizing spitting right into the loser’s face.
It MUST understand at all times how far BENEATH us it is. And by the end of class, Amber’s property has no question that it is a LOSER and absolutely DESERVES to be treated like garbage by Amber!