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Posted: November 25, 2021
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Flash was called for his monthly milking and crawls in fear and trepidation. It is not possible to expect a pleasant experience on release day. Today is no exception. I look delectable in a white shirt, tights, stockings, black pencil skirt, and heels. I quickly began trimming his already exuberant appendage. I quickly took him to the edge and held him there for a while. He is too excited. This only causes a sadisctic chuckle from Me, as the poor boy does not know what’s coming. After a continual edging I slip on a condom. My lips are full of delicious words and promises. I promise an orgasm. His blue eyes are heavy and swollen in my hand. I ask him to insert the condom into his sex and I release My hand as soon as I feel the first pulsation. I watch him leaking drip by drip into his condom, his amusement growing and his orgasm becoming a thing of the past. I take it off his now worthless head and empty the contents into his stomach ……. I’m satisfied, but he struggles to swallow his own loads. This reminds me of who he really is.


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