Sweaty – Czech Soles – Forced to smell Megan’s sneakers, socks and feet after gym

 Czech Soles  Forced to smell Megans sneakers socks and feet after gym  preview

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Megan has hired Jack to do some work for her and so far she was not very happy with him. Just now she has returned from her Wednesday gym class only to find Jack laying on the sofa watching hockey on TV. She asks him if the work is done and when he tells her that he did not do it yet and if he could first finish watching the hockey, Megan get’s really mad! Jack was unreliable before but this is just too much! It’s time for some justice now – he cannot screw Megan like this and think he can get away with it. She jumps on the sofa next to Jack and makes him take off her sneakers and smell her very sweaty socks. Jack doesn’t want to do it but Megan doesn’t give him a choice. She presses her feet on his face and if Jack wants to breathe he’ll have to breathe in the stink from her socks. Megan smothers Jack over and over using her socks, sneakers and later on her sweaty bare feet too. And she loves it making Jack suffer like this as he deserves. But this is just a start!