Femdom – Asian Cruelty – A CRUEL AND SADISTIC RUBBER WHIPPING! Starring Sadist Quorra

 Asian Cruelty  A CRUEL AND SADISTIC RUBBER WHIPPING Starring Sadist Quorra  preview

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Its summer time and the weather is crisp. I have made my slaves clean of my scrumptious toys and set them outside to air dry. I guess that I have some time to Killl and may a slightly obstinate slave too. It’s just too nice of a day to waste when I could be beating a slave!
My disobedient slave, does not appear so head strong now! It seems that something has altered his attitude slightly. I wonder if it might be the predicament that he now finds himself in. Bound helplessly and his ass and back hopelessly exposed.
I kiss my slave with my strap, but my strap is not a gentle lover. It hungers for bloood and usually finds it. My slave’s burden is obvious as he cries and screams, struggles to get away. But he won’t be going anywhere until I’m done
Punishing him, Lash after lash, Stroke after stroke I relentless beat the attitude out of my slave.
He is terrified when he sees the next cruel instrument of my choosing. My mighty rubber flogger, Its pain is unrivaled as my slaves struggle can atest!
I hope he’s learning his lesson. But it really doesn’t matter if he does. I will beat him anyways. Just for the fun of it


Corporal Punishment – Asian Cruelty – THE LITTLE COCK BEATING GOES ON – Mistress Mara Julianne

Asian Cruelty  THE LITTLE COCK BEATING GOES ON   Mistress Mara Julianne  preview

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Lets continue welcoming another phenomenal addition to the Asian Cruelty line of Sadists. Please Welcome Mistress MaraJulianne, She refers to herself as a Sensual Sadist however we will most likely capitalize fully on her more sadistic qualities, because that’s just how we roll around here! Mara is an aspiring Los Angeles Ca. based Goddess whom we hope to be seeing much more of in the future. We hope that you enjoy this new addition as much as we do!” Keep looking out for her because she just gets more Sadistic!”
Anyone wishing to obtain more information regarding Goddess Mara: Mistress-Mara.blogspot.com..
I have my slave quite well secured. Even his genitals are tightly bound, He is rather helpless and his movements painfully hindered. So of course I will do everything within my power to make him squirm..
I take great satisfaction in harshly beating his little penis, his movements only tighten his bindings and increase his pain. I move around his entire body thrashing him violently and tugging at his tethered phallus, I have every intention of making him pay for being a man, and am doing a Bang up Job so far..


Asian Goddess – Asian Cruelty – SAVAGELY WHIPPED TO OBEDIENCE – Empress Kimmy Lee

Asian Cruelty  SAVAGELY WHIPPED TO OBEDIENCE   Empress Kimmy Lee  preview

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Oh it’s going to be a painful day! Not for me of course. But for my slave. Yes it will be splendidly painful! If nothing else he will be able to admire me in my fine leather corset and Latex leggings.
He does not stand a chance. I throw at him with my fell strength from the first blow. I beat him, stroke after magnificent stroke, the pain resounding through my helpless slave, his whimpering and whining music to my ears. I cannot help myself, not that I would try too. I slaughter his nipples and thighs bruise him and leave lines of my loving assault all upon him.


Nipple – Asian Cruelty – CAGED IN FEAR, YOUR TERROR IS FOREVER! Starring Goddess Lana

Asian Cruelty  CAGED IN FEAR YOUR TERROR IS FOREVER Starring Goddess Lana  preview

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Sometimes it’s just fun to torment a slave. Slaves who are timid and fearful can be the most fun at times! Especially when you add claustrophobic to the mix! I have a plan for my fearful little mouse of a slave he’s anything but a painslut, yet he is going to end up in a painful little trap.
I have my slave trapped in a suspended chain cage, blindfolded, he can sense the isolation and the swaying of the cage. He knows that he is not on solid ground and doesn’t trust his footing. His hands restrained tightly above him, offering him neither stability or defense.
I cant resist his delicate nipples, they are so sensitive! The slightest pinch or twist push him over the edge. His terror is so evident. I can hear it in his breathing and smell it. The aroma of his sheer dread is euphoric to me. I must push him further. Teach him of pain and agony, I pull and twist at his nipples, he is my prey and he struggles as though for his life but he stands no chance and his very need to flee only brings about more pain.
My paddles are ready and waiting to brutalize his pale flesh. I shall redden and bruise him before I finish. He will leave this room never wanting to return here. Yet this room is now a part of this slave’s life and routine. There will never be reprieve for him and his life is now nothing more than a constant state of fear!


Domination – Asian Cruelty – BULLWHIP TANGO ANTHOLOGY VOL 1 – Queen Darla

Asian Cruelty  BULLWHIP TANGO ANTHOLOGY VOL 1   Queen Darla  preview

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From Queen Darla’s best selling Bullwhip Tango series of extreme bullwhipping clips. We Bring you BULLWHIP TANGO ANTHOLOGY VOL. 1 it presents all of the brutally real footage from “BRUTAL WHIPS FROM THE QUEEN OF CRUELTY” and “THE FULL FURY OF MY SADISTIC WHIPS”.If you are a devotee of cruel and severe corporal punishment and discipline, If you are a fan of REAL PAIN!, If you`re a QUEEN DARLA admirer or just a man who wants to fantasize about being in this Poor Slave’s Position, Then this is the video for YOU!
Heres What you Get: So very Sadistic!
I get a lot of nicknames around the dungeon from slaves and fellow mistresses alike: “The Queen of Mean,” “Goddess of the Whip,” “Cruelty Queen.” I take it as a compliment, and I guess I come by those names honestly. Today is no exception. I have my slave bound up to the ceiling and my short quirt whip in hand, ready for some close combat with my slave. Of course I use the word combat with some qualification. It is his will I intend to do battle with, breaking him down with one heavy handed whiplash at a time.
Needless to say, my victory is imminent. With each malicious and wicked strike of my whip, I crush his spirit little by little as he succumbs to my wishes. I play a vicious head game that rivals the harsh physical pain befalling upon him. I keep him guessing when and where the next whip will land. I can sense him letting his guard down; then I let loose a flurry of whip strikes that obviously drives him to the breaking point. Every mark and welt tells a story, and it’s not a happy ending.
Now I focus on his Ass. He’s crying wet tears, but nothing slows my assault on his backside. I’m testing my aim, hitting the same spot repeatedly, and that’s where the real, deep pain comes in. I use my twirling, figure-eight technique for multiple quick hits, then my windmill windup for a single ferocious slash. His raw-skinned ass is taking everything I have to give.


Bdsm – Asian FemDom Beatdowns – AN ASS BEATING FOR BAD BEHAVIOR – Goddess Lana

Asian FemDom Beatdowns  AN ASS BEATING FOR BAD BEHAVIOR   Goddess Lana  preview

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Goddess Lana is not pleased with her new house cleaning slaves abilities, and there is going to be hell to pay. Dissatisfied with his cleaning of the living room, bedroom, dining room, kitchen, which basically means her entire house, Lana has decided that he is deserving of a royal ass beating. One hundred blows on his sorry as with a hard, stinging leather paddle will be his punishment.
Dressed in an intoxicating two piece lingerie set, stockings and heals, Lana flaunts her magnificent body in front of this loser, as she humiliates and degrades him while beating his ass relentlessly. To make it even more humiliating, the moron has to count each smack on his ass, thats IF he can even count to 100. And if he fucks up and misses even one strike, Goddess Lana will start all over again. Too bad for this idiot. But after all, he did have it coming.


Face Slap – Ball Busting Chicks – Mistress Amrita – Tamakeri

 Ball Busting Chicks  Mistress Amrita  Tamakeri  preview

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In this video Mistress Amrita explains the word Tamakeri, meaning Ballbusting in Japanese. While the first part of the video is POV, showing and talking in the camera about ballbusting, in the second part she demonstrates ballbusting, ball stomping, face slapping and body kicks on her male subject.
Her most favorite – which is also shown in the video – is busting and stomping in a mans balls when he lies helpless on the the floor with tied up hands…
Length 10 minutes.


Spanked – Club Stiletto FemDom – Drama Queen Breakdown – Miss Jasmine

 Club Stiletto FemDom  Drama Queen Breakdown   Miss Jasmine  preview

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The scene opens with Jasmine talking to you and her puny slave behind her waiting to be used for her sadistic desires. “He can take quite a bit” Jasmine says as she reaches down and runs her hands over a ball humbler that he has been wearing for three straight days. She explains she is keeping it really tight because her plan is to eventually castrate him and keeping the humbler tight will cut off circulation.
The slave is erect so Jasmine swats his dick before she tells him to crawl to the couch to get over her knee because she is going to flog him. She starts with her hand and tells him she is doing him a favor, doing something that is good for him. She starts beating his ass like she’s playing the drums. Next she pulls out a paddle and starts flogging him with that. She doesn’t take long to be striking with full force and the slave starts to kick and thrash and scream like crazy. He nearly rolls off her but she tells him to get back into position. She starts flailing away on him again then switches to a solid wooden paddle. The drama queen falls to the ground but Jasmine only flogs him more. She makes him kneel on the floor and lay his head on the couch and wallops him with a two hander to his backside. He coils into a ball and starts to cry. Jasmine looks at the camera and just giggles. We’ve never heard from this slave since.


Asian Goddess – Club Stiletto FemDom – Crushed Balls and Violated Dick – Miss Jasmine

 Club Stiletto FemDom  Crushed Balls and Violated Dick   Miss Jasmine  preview

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Miss Jasmine has her slave bound to her discipline chair. She has already flogged his cock as you can see in ‘Bound And Cock Flogged’ but now it’s time to inflict more punishment. She has a solid steal humbler and is going to crush his balls with it. As she starts to tighten it around his balls he moans and thrashes about. “Isn’t this fun” Jasmine says. She looks at you and asks if you wish it was you and then gives you some suggestions for self t0rture so you can imagine you are there with her. As the slave moans and groans, Jasmine pushes up with her backside against his body to titillate the poor creature so he gets harder and suffers even more.
Now that his cock is rock hard Jasmine pulls out a large sounding device so she can fuck his pee hole. His hungry cock just gobbles it right up. “Just like someone getting out of jail and having sex for the first time in years” Jasmine says. She slides it in and out while rubbing his cock at the same time. This is a lovely combination of pain and pleasure for her blindfolded slave. Now she sits on his lap while continuing to penetrate him eventually pushing it all the way in and sending him deep into sub space.


Ballbusting – Ball Busting Chicks – I whip them small again – Mistress Amy

 Ball Busting Chicks  I whip them small again   Mistress Amy  preview

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Her shoe sole cleaner has to clean her dirty sole only with his tongue. From time to time he masturbate at doing the shoe job and receives a tease or a denial from the Mistress, depending in what kind of mood she is. This time she goes for a brutal cock whipping. First she beats his bouncing boner with her hand, eventually she might hit the balls as well. Then she force him to masturbate harder in front of her to whip his stiff cock in the most painful way! The brutal Mistress laughs when she see his cock got small again from the whipping.