Human Furniture – Club Stiletto FemDom – Yard Boy Turned Foot Bitch – Miss Xi

Club Stiletto FemDom  Yard Boy Turned Foot Bitch   Miss Xi  preview

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She then has him kneel on the deck, while still sniffing the shoes, so she can sit on his back. She says it’s a better chair because it involves him suffering
Miss Xi loves summer and today she is relaxing with a cold drink while her slave is in the heat doing yard work. “Don’t fuck up my plants” she hollers at him before telling him to crawl over to her. The pebbled stone is brutal on the slaves knees which makes Xi laugh. “Be glad I even let you wear shoes” she tells him adding “If you screw up my bushes next time you will be standing on the hot concrete in your bare feet, baking your soles.” She tells him to remove her shoes and makes him sniff them.
. She comments on all the work he’s done today and how it must be hard on his back, now here he is subjected to more back breaking treatment. She then has him lay on his back so she can use him as a chaise lounge while he massages her sexy size 4 feet. She drinks her cold water and taunts him about not getting any. He gives her a nice foot massage and she says when he is done she will have him do push ups as she notices he is getting a bit fat. Nice angles on her soles and toes. She then takes a mouthful of water and spits it on his face. She then sends him back into the sun and makes him do push ups… while she sits on his back. “Let’s start with 100” she says.


Bdsm – Club Stiletto FemDom – Open Yourself Up To Me – Miss Jasmine

Club Stiletto FemDom  Open Yourself Up To Me   Miss Jasmine  preview

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Miss Jasmine looks amazing as this scene opens. Gorgeous stilettos, garter belt and hose and a shiny PVC outfit along with her beautiful face and body. You’ll long to be the guy locked in her trample floor when you watch this one, despite his pain. This is a new slave and he made the mistake of mentioning he doesn’t like nipple torture, so naturally she takes her heels to his nipples right from the start. She then has him kiss the soles of her shoes before she removes one and has him lick and kiss her hose.
“I think he needs a proper whipping down there where he can’t guard” she says as she reaches for a crop. Now we see that the slave already has his balls in a vice and they are being crushed. She starts to flog his dick and he starts to moan like a little girl which only amuses her and makes her want to hurt him more. He appreciates the break when she feeds him a foot again and he kisses and licks with utter devotion. Now she starts to strike his cock and she reminds him that he said he wants to be hit there a thousand times. He tries to cross his legs and she tells him “Open yourself to me, I’m not in the mercy business after all.” As he spreads his legs she bends over and strikes him hard on his cock again, his punishment has just begun.


Ass Smother – Club Stiletto FemDom – Welcome To the Panic Room – Miss Jasmine

Club Stiletto FemDom  Welcome To the Panic Room   Miss Jasmine  preview

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Miss Jasmine’s freshly beaten slave lies on the discipline bench while she sits on his face. She looks divine in her bra, panties, stockings and corset, along with her leather knee-high boots. She does the splits right on the slave’s face and her pussy is literally wrapped around his nose. She lets a surprisingly long amount of time go by before she allows him to breathe and then senses that he’s starting to panic. “I like it when slaves panic,” Jasmine says.
She faces forward and makes him struggle for air again. Pleased with his efforts, Jasmine says she might just keep this one. She reaches out to touch his growing cock but spends most of the time just sitting on him, full weight. Finally, she moves back to a reverse sitting position and grinds her pussy onto his nose. Secured by his ankles and wrists, the slave can only kick so much, but at the end there’s no doubt that this has turned into his panic room!


Scissors – Club Stiletto FemDom – Stupid Little Bitch – Miss XI

Club Stiletto FemDom  Stupid Little Bitch   Miss XI  preview

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Miss Xi is in the bedroom and has her slave at her feet kissing her feet. She steps over his neck and scissors his neck while ordering him to kiss her heels despite his discomfort. She then sits on the edge of the bed and tells him to again kiss her feet but when he does she starts kicking him in the head and then kneels over his neck and again scissors him while spanking his ass. She then orders him to kneel facing away from her and while sitting on the beg wraps her thighs around his neck. This time she really leaves him breathless but only laughs at his struggles. You get some nice angles of her soles and armpits along with her sexy lean legs.
She pulls one leg up under the other and literally wrings his neck. As the slave coughs she slaps him and then pushes him to the ground where she again straddles his neck and again squeezes him with her legs. When she lets him breath it’s only to kick him in the face a few times. When she orders the slave to get on the bed he probably thinks she is going to sit on his face but no, just more scissoring from under him and then on top of him. This time as he coughs and kicks she uses her hands to slap his cock and balls. Miss Xi is very sadistic and enjoys a slaves pain as you see clearly in this scene.


Ass Fetish – Club Stiletto FemDom – Owned and Rewarded – Miss Jasmine

Club Stiletto FemDom  Owned and Rewarded   Miss Jasmine  preview

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Miss Jasmine is sitting on the bed with her slave but she quickly bounces onto his face. As she removes her stilettos she talks about what he has endured today, including trampling and more, so this is a reward of sorts even though that does mean some kicking for air will occur. Her plump ass looks amazing on his face and you can see he loves it as his cock is rock hard. She scrapes her nails over his cock as she lifts up and he gasps to breath. Now she gently strokes his cock and tugs on his nipples. She is pleased at this ability to hold his breath without making a big fuss. “I own his breath, I own his cock, his body, his orgasms, his entire life” she states.
Now she wiggles her ass on his face and says she could make it all end for him right there and now and it would be a perfect way for him to go. “Imagine the last thing he ever sees is my ass, and imagine the obit, everyone would be so jealous.” Now she moves into a forward position and feeling pleasure from his nose on her pussy she touches her clit. She then stretches her legs out and totally crushes his face with her ass. When he finally starts to kick she comments that his movement feels good on her pussy and then again moves to a reverse position. “Play with yourself” she tells her slave, happy enough with him that she might just let him cum. She grinds her ass all over his face while he strokes his cock. She spends most of the scene sitting on him full weight with only momentary breaths of air allowed. She tells him he can cum as she sits on his face and pulls on his nipples and having not cum in a long time it doesn’t take him long to explode all over his own body. Now he needs air and starts to kick frantically, Jasmine sits firmly and laughs at his predicament.


Asian Goddess – Club Stiletto FemDom – It Feels So Good When We Hurt Him – Lady Bellatrix and Miss Jasmine

Club Stiletto FemDom  It Feels So Good When We Hurt Him   Lady Bellatrix and Miss Jasmine  preview

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Lady Bellatrix and Miss Jasmine are together for the first time in a couple years and the first thing they want to do when they get together is hurt a slave. Jasmine is sitting on his face and tells Bellatrix that this slave is pretty good at taking abuse. Jasmine slaps his cock and balls and then Bellatrix squeezes his nuts and twists his cock which forces the slave to blow air up Jasmine’s pussy which she says feels really good, thus leading her to encourage Bellatrix to hurt him someone. Bellatrix cups his balls and slaps them repeatedly while they chat to catch up. They talk a bit about their philosophy but don’t let up on causing the slave to cry out in pain, although it is muffled under Jasmine’s ass.
Bellatrix has had a long 11 hour flight and suggests she would enjoy a bumhole message as well so the two switch positions. Bellatrix settles on his face and Jasmine takes control of his balls from behind. Bellatrix comments that her panties are dirty from the gangbang event she was at the previous night and tells the slave to inhale them. They chat about how cum can often leak out quite a bit later, often to their own surprise. Bellatrix tugs on his nipples and Jasmine twists his cock and balls and comments that he is getting very hard. Bellatrix moves to a forward position so the two ladies are now facing each other. They decide to take turns punching him in the balls and they try to outdo each other which means a lot of pain for the slave. Only Bellatrix’s ass muffles his screams. Jasmine takes it to another level by standing up and crushing down on his balls with her foot and then goes back to punching. This slave is a big fan of ballbusting but these two take it to a whole new level. Just as they are about to stop they notice some pre-cum on his cock. “Pre-cum means he wants more” Jasmine says and the punching resumes.


Spitting – Asian Cruelty – IM GOING TO SMACK THE SICKNESS OUT OF YOU – The Goddess Katamura

Asian Cruelty  IM GOING TO SMACK THE SICKNESS OUT OF YOU   The Goddess Katamura  preview

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This pathetic slave has come crawling to me today desperately hoping to be cured of his perverse sexual needs. This fool simply can no longer function in his daily life without thoughts of devoting himself to me as my lifelong slave. No wonder, as I have systematically conditioned and trained him to do so for the past several years. Nonetheless, I will half heartedly entertain his feeble request and amuse myself in the process.
I am after all, the only woman who truly understands him and his sick and twisted fantasies. I do after all instill and nurture such afflictions in men on a daily basis, so is it any wonder that I too can save this poor pets soul? The Goddess giveth, and the Goddess taketh away HA HA! In my infinite wisdom, I have determined that the only cure for this pathetic creature, is a good hard face slapping. I will slap the sickness right out of him.
First I build up the perverse tension in his body via spitting my warm sexy saliva all over his face. I watch his arousal escalate as my spittle drips down the length of his face. I then twist and pull on his exposed nipples as his heart pounds like a trip hammer. When the time is right, I release the evil from him by smacking the snot out of him, literally. Over and over again, I relentlessly slap this poor slave silly, until his teeth are rattled and his head is spinning.
Voila, he is cured. Not really, but I enjoyed myself immensely. HA HA!