Female Domination – Subby Hubby – Becoming Vanessa’s Servant Part 1 – Goddess Vanessa

 Subby Hubby  Becoming Vanessas Servant Part 1   Goddess Vanessa  preview

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Gabe has been talking to Goddess Vanessa and has agreed to deposit $1000 into her account for the chance of becoming her servant. Goddess Vanessa commands her new submissive to get on his knees. She tells him that, in her house, he will not be called Gabe anymore. He will simply be called “the bitch”. Before they continue, Goddess Vanessa explains to the bitch that there will be six phases to becoming Vanessa’s servant. At the end of each phase, the bitch must deposit $200 more into Vanessa’s account before the bitch can move on to the next phase. After the bitch agrees to the terms, he must follow Vanessa into the bathroom to help her get ready. Goddess Vanessa tells the bitch to get on all fours, like a chair, so she can put on her makeup. After Goddess Vanessa is done preparing herself she allows the bitch to smell her pussy. She tells the bitch to stick out his tongue. The bitch does as Vanessa asks and gets excited, thinking he is about to lick Vanessa perfect pussy. What an idiot! There is no way that a pitiful slob like the bitch would get such an honor! Goddess Vanessa explains that this is phase one and as such, the bitch has to start from the bottom. Her bottom to be exact. Goddess Vanessa smothers the bitch’s face deep inside her perfect ass. She orders him to smell her asshole. She makes it clear that in no circumstances that the bitch is allowed to open his mouth. He is still too lowly even to lick her ass! The bitch lost passes out from a lack of air being smothered by Vanessa amazing ass. Can’t breathe? Too bad. Now that phase one is over, the bitch must deposit $200 before phase two can start! Vanessa will be waiting for that notification. The bitch better hurry!


Face Sitting – Club Stiletto FemDom – Clean That Ass Right Out – Mistress Kandy

 Club Stiletto FemDom  Clean That Ass Right Out   Mistress Kandy  preview

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“After a nice long walk in the woods, what do you think mistress likes?” Kandy says as this bedroom scene opens up. “Yes, a nice long rimming of my dirty asshole” she adds as she looks you in the eyes and smiles because she knows you hunger for her gorgeous plump ass and even more so when you know it’s sweaty and dirty. “That’s all I want for hours and hours” she tells you and says if you can’t do the job there is always a long line up of ass lickers that want the job. As her licker eats her ass she decides to sit full weight on his face. She orders him to keep his tongue active even as he fights to breath underneath her. Kandy’s body looks amazing, her big ass and large full breasts and all those curves. “You have one job and that is to clean my ass” she says. She asks if you think you can do better. “Hundreds have licked it so you better be good at it.”
Now Kandy moves in a reverse position and again sits full weight on ass boys face. Kandy comments that she knows slaves like her ass dirty so she makes a point of keeping it in that state. Now the slave has gone some time without air and he starts to kick but Kandy makes him fight for some time before giving him a breath. She then sits full weight again and starts playing with her pussy. She loves touching herself with a tongue up her ass and the joy of seeing the slave kick in desperation.


Female Domination – Mean World – Mean Bitches – Richelle Ryan 6 – Ass Worship and Foot Worship

Mean World  Mean Bitches  Richelle Ryan 6  Ass Worship and Foot Worship  preview

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Richelle and Glenn are negotiating a deal but she’s a much better negotiation than he is. She lets him know that her friends hacked into all of his social media accounts and are about to post all of his private pictures on the internet. He decides to obey her commands, which involve BIG ASS WORSHIP and FOOT WORSHIP!!


Assworship – Subby Hubby – Kiki Klout – Kiki Trains the Bitch Part 2 – Lick That Ass

Subby Hubby  Kiki Klout  Kiki Trains the Bitch Part 2  Lick That Ass  preview

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Goddess Kiki’s sissy slave is now in agony after being teased in chastity. Kiki decides that this is a good time for her bitch to start licking her asshole. However, before he gets to taste her essence, he will have to sniff her essence. Goddess Kiki instructs her servant to stick his nose right into her tight asshole. He must learn the scent of his Goddess. He must love the odor of her ass! Now it’s time for the sissy to please it’s owner. He must show his devotion by worshipping Kiki’s perfect ass. Kiki commands her slut to shove his tongue deep into her tight asshole. She gets on top of her sissy and rides his face fucking his tongue with her juicy ass. The whole time the poor sissy must remain in chastity. His throbbing cock is locked away. No matter how horny he gets, there will be no satisfaction for the pathetic sissy. He will learn to take pleasure only from pleasing his Goddess!




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Here I am with my friend Miss Kya, with these two useless worms. In front of two magnificent Goddesses, they are totally mesmerized. They will have the immense privilege of smelling, and worshiping our perfect asses. It will be fun to see them getting excited, as we tease and torment them. However, they can not cum because we have them both in chastity. It’s so amusing to see our slaves suffer as we amuse ourselves with their faces where they belong. Under our beautiful asses…


Cum Eating – Club Stiletto FemDom – 10 Men Came In My Ass, Smell It, Eat It – Princess Lily

Club Stiletto FemDom  10 Men Came In My Ass Smell It Eat It   Princess Lily  preview

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Lily has a huge sex drive and one man can never really satisfy her especially when she knows she has a cuckold that she can humiliate and use for clean up after. The scene opens with her standing on her slave and saying she is about to give him her ass, looking at you and saying “Don’t you wish it was you?” She sits in a forward position and tells him to stroke his cock, she likes him fully aroused when she talks about her sex life so he associates his own arousal with her being fucked by other men. Soon the slave needs to breath and trying to catch a breath he literally snorts into her ass. “Don’t snort to much, because my boyfriend just filled me up” she tells him. “It’s probably better for you than coke though” she adds. Now she moves into a reverse position and tells him she will remove her panties so he can suck the cum from her ass if he pleases her first. “A dirty ass for a dirty bitch like you” she says.
Pleased with his commitment to following orders , she removes her panties and stuffs them in the cucks mouth before again sitting on his face. “Don’t swallow them whole” she tells him. Lily sits full weight and the slave is rock hard stroking away even as he kicks to breath. Now she gets on all fours and shows you her magnificent ass and sweet bunghole and tells her slave as a treat she’s going to let him sniff it deeply. He breaths it in and she says “You don’t mind that other men are fucking me, do you?” and the lustful slut naturally replies “no”. She reminds him that he never gets to fuck her as she waves her ass only inches from his face. She tells him to imagine fucking her right after 10 other guys have fucked her. He’d do anything for sloppy seconds but cuckolds don’t fuck, they just smell and eat cum from their owner. She gets into graphic detail about how she will sit on his face after those 10 guys have fucked her and how he will be ordered to suck the cum from her freshly fucked holes. She now moves back onto his face and leans forward so you can see him licking her asshole. “Can you taste my studs cum in there?” she asks him. Lily next lays on the bed and starts touching herself and says “I’m so horny now for my boyfriend.” She looks at her erect and frustrated slave and says “It looks like someone else is horny too.”


Cumshots – Club Stiletto FemDom – Lily’s Stool Bound Ass Licker Cums – Princess Lily

 Club Stiletto FemDom  Lilys Stool Bound Ass Licker Cums   Princess Lily  preview

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Lily is home from a long day at the office and enjoying a glass of wine. Her slave has been bound to her kitchen stool all day just waiting for her to get home so he can give her asshole a nice tongue bath. The camera moves around and you can see the slave eagerly eating Lily’s ass and what an ass it is, hanging over the chair it’s absolutely delectable. You get some great angles of both her butt cheeks but her sweet little bung hole too. “It’s important to get your tongue deep up that asshole” she tells her slave. Lily remembers that her slave hasn’t cum in a few months so she decides to let him stroke himself. “Would you like to cum, asslicker?” she asks him.
She gets up and releases one hand, the wrong hand, and tells him this will be his only chance to cum for at least another few months so he’d better do it while still focusing on his purpose, pleasuring her ass. “After you cum you’ll be eating it” she reminds him. The slave is rock hard and still eagerly licks her ass. She comments that she never wipes herself properly because she knows he’ll be licking it clean when she gets home anyway. “Maybe I should just bring you to the office then I’d never have to leave my desk, I could just do it right into your mouth.” She tells him that she would probably start sharing him with the other girls in the office also. “Imagine being the office toilet” she tells him. The slave is now holding off from coming thinking of the prospect of being a full toilet to an entire office of women. She has him move his head back so her asshole can be inspected. Look how nicely it glistens from the slaves saliva. He tells her he has to cum and she gives him permission to do so. He explodes and cum sprays everywhere. He thanks her and she tells him to stop licking her asshole and to lick up all the cum. He goes on his knees and starts licking the floor.


Assworship – Club Stiletto FemDom – Smell Me Then Lick Me Clean – Princess Lily

 Club Stiletto FemDom  Smell Me Then Lick Me Clean   Princess Lily  preview

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Lovely Princess Lily is doing her morning business on the toilet and says that when she’s not using a slave directly she likes to at least have him close. As the camera moves down we see she is using her slave as a foot stool. Her stilettos are in fact digging into his shoulders. She asks him if he is enjoying himself and says he should soon expect a delicious odor. The slave moans in anticipation. “When I’m done you will be licking my ass clean” she tells him.
The plopping sound soon occurs and she waves her hands downwards so he gets the smell. She makes him remove her shoes and then rests her feet on his face. The sound and smell excites the slave and Lily tells him he is lucky to be sharing such an intimate moment with her. She then sends the slave back so she can pee all over the floor. She kneels on the floor and lets the sweetest flow of nectar cover the floor. When done she gets up and shows the slave her ass, “Get in close and lick it” she tells him and then soon after adds “Now drink my piss.” There’s nothing more rewarding for a slave than to be his owners toilet.