Bootlicking – Club Stiletto FemDom – Lick My Sweaty Pussy – Lady Bellatrix

 Club Stiletto FemDom  Lick My Sweaty Pussy   Lady Bellatrix  preview

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Lady Bellatrix is wrapped in latex and recounts her day and how she has brutalized her slave and how it has caused her to sweat heavily. She decides to reward her slave by letting him lick her boots, the ones that she just busted his balls with. He’s literally licking his own precum and sweat from them. She tells him she has busted other slaves with the boots so he’s really licking many men’s balls as he cleans her boots.
“One of my lovers has jazzed on these boots too” she tells him, taking great delight in making him lick every inch of both boots. She loves humiliating him and reminds him how she has also turned him into her cocksucker. Now he has to work all the way up her legs and then she directs him between her thighs where her pussy is sweating just below the fabric. She tells him a real man would undo the zipper and fuck her. She then unzips herself and tells him to lick her. The slut licks eagerly shocked at this good luck even though it’s dripping with her lovers cum. Bellatrix zips up and sends him off saying he did a good job licking his boots but the pussy service was only enough to make her want a real man.


Femdom – The Mean Girls – We Bury Lazy Slaves – Princess Skylar

 The Mean Girls  We Bury Lazy Slaves   Princess Skylar  preview

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Sometimes we torment slaves just for fun. Its not necessarily for punishment or misbehavior of any kind. Basically it just entertains us to be mean as fuck to them. Although this one does tend to be kinda fat and he deserves to be tormented on a regular basis, in our opinion.
Anyways, Princess Carmela had this fat buried out in the desert behind Our compound up to its neck just to be mean to it. He is apparently handcuffed under the sand to some sort of cement block or something and can’t get out. So I just had to go see this! I thought it was hilarious.
I make sure to sit in front of it in my shiny stiletto boots to torment it a little bit. (It wants to lick my boots sooo bad- even after we`ve torturred it like this. So fucking pathetic. To add insult to injury, I am sipping a nice, cold drink right in front of him. Poor slave, he must be sooo parched by now. Eventually it starts to beg for some of my water. Just to be extra mean to it, I pour some of my water right into the sand in front of the helpless slave’s face just to waste it in front of him haha.
Then I make it lick the dust and sand off my boots. Of course, it HAS to comply with my orders. Otherwise, what chance does it have of EVER getting out of this predicament? Can you imagine if I told Carmela that this idiot dared to disobey a direct order from ME?? We would leave it to like literally ROT out here. LOL. That sand it is licking off of my boots must be great for its dry, parched throat haha. I don’t really care. I have already learned that this is how slaves are MEANT to be treated- and they need to be grateful for being allowed around us – even if we`re tormenting them.
After licking my boots clean, it starts begging for water AGAIN! I tell it I will give it whatever I want – so I decide to light up a cigarette and as I casually smoke it, I flick my hot ash into its open mouth. That hot, dry ash must be so wonderful to taste while being buried out here for days in the 100 degree heat LOL. And I make its fat, ugly ass thank me for it too!
You need to see the clip to see if I have ANY mercy on this loser at all.or if I leave it to suffer some more while I go inside to laugh with Carmela about what she did to this pathetic fuck!


Cei – GlamyAnya – No escape from my leather hell

 GlamyAnya  No escape from my leather hell  preview

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You love Me. You love leather.You think you can kick the habit? You really think you can have self control? Ha! You’re mine, a junkie & you always will be like this.Look at you, all horny. And look at me in high leather boots with a slender stiletto heel,opera length leather gloves…my gorgeous body clad in that sexy black leather…
????? You never stood a chance! ?????
I’ll let you see, lick, smell, edge you this timewith you, draw it out… I enjoy making you squirm & beg for eventual ????????????????????????????


Trampling – Club Stiletto FemDom – I Love Them All – Miss Muscle

 Club Stiletto FemDom  I Love Them All   Miss Muscle  preview

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Introducing Miss Muscle. The Mistress walks into the room where we find her slave laying on the floor. She asks him if he is ready to worship her and suffer under her feet. She is wearing amazing tie up boots with pole like heels. She steps on his chest and then places one foot on her face and tells him to lick the sole. She moves up and down across his chest and stomach and then squats down bringing her ass only inches from his face. “Lick it slave, I know you want it” she says but despite his best effort he just can’t quite reach her ass. “If you please me I’ll let you kiss it” she tells him before standing up on him once again. She makes him beg for his ass and then sits on his face.
The scene rolls over and now Miss Muscle is wearing a second pair of boots. She sticks the wide heel into his mouth and then moves around his torso, once again squatting on him. “Which pair should I put on next?” she asks. Again the scene rolls over and this time Mistress is wearing knee high boots. This time the heel is much finer and the pain is noticeably more intense for the slave. Her heels really sink into his flesh. She runs the sole of one boot over his tongue and tells him to lick it clean. She twists and steps on him and squats again to insure he gets maximum pressure and another close up view of her ass. Now she changes into yet another pair of boots but rather than stand she kneels on him instead before finally trampling him again. These boots have a smaller heel as well and again the pain is intense for the slave. Finally Miss Muscle puts on her high heeled running shoes and jumps from the floor to his chest repeatedly making him count as she does. She holds onto the fireplace and leaps as high as possible onto his chest. She decides he has pleased her enough to get the pleasure of her ass on his face. The slave loves it until the need to breath arises. Mistress is tired, she isn’t getting up just yet!


Spit – ClubDom – Kitty and Valora Break Their Slave – Boot Worship

 ClubDom  Kitty and Valora Break Their Slave  Boot Worship  preview

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The new slave has had a very busy day being humiliated, teased and tormented by Goddess Valora n Mistress Kitty. However, the day is not over and this bitch’s torment is not finished yet. Since the slut has his own jizz all over his mouth, Goddess Valora is kind enough to wash it off. She spits all over the slave’s mouth and face while Kitty and her take turns slapping his pathetic face. Goddess Valora then informs her bitch that it’s boot worshipping time! Goddess Valora and Mistress Kitty are both wearing long, black, shiny thigh high boots. This slut better worship them really well! They attach a leash to their slave’s collar and force him to polish every inch of their boots with his tongue. They pull on his collar to make him suck every inch of their boots’ long heels. He is totally degraded by being made to lick the soles of their boots clean. Now their slave is completely broken. Just like Kitty n Valora like it!


Humiliation – DomNation – SLAPPED SILLY – Janira Wolfe

 DomNation  SLAPPED SILLY   Janira Wolfe  preview

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Goddess Janira Wolfe has her slave helplessly pinned beneath her as she straddles him full weight, thus making his demise inevitable. Powerless to do anything other than simply lie beneath this breathtaking Goddess, this pet is about to receive a motivational face slapping.
Indeed, his irreverence is in need of an attitude adjustment. And what better way to cut a man down to size, than via a hard, stinging, cheek reddening face slapping from a beautiful, petite woman half his size.
His body flails and flops around like a fish out of water, but resistance is futile. He bucks his body uncontrollably in an attempt to avoid the blows, but Goddess Wolfe’s powerful ass and thighs hold him in place, keeping him prisoner as she slaps him relentlessly and without remorse.
Smack after stinging smack, she pounds his face and chest until he is begging for mercy. But the only mercy she grants him, is a momentary reprieve just long enough to spit a huge wad of saliva in his face.
After she is done with him, he will truly know his place of inferiority and servitude to The Wolfe.


Cbt – Mistress Nikita FemDom Videos – Obey Nikita – Wedge Bootie Bitch Boi

Mistress Nikita FemDom Videos  Obey Nikita  Wedge Bootie Bitch Boi  preview

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I just love shoes with spikes. It’s so fun digging them into the flesh of my boi-toys. Makes kicking their balls much more amusing for me as well, especially when I’ve got them collared and strung up to maintain total control of its most precious parts. These high wedge booties covered in sharp studs are the perfect pair to show this little bitch it’s proper place in my world. If it wants to lick them it’s going to have to suffer first. I’m not sure which I like better, but it doesn’t really matter. I can do whatever I want to this little worm slithering beneath my wedge booties.


Bootlicking – FemmeFataleFilms – Latex Love part 1 – Mistress Heather

 FemmeFataleFilms  Latex Love part 1   Mistress Heather  preview

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The latex loving slave has impressed me to date, having served me very well. His reward is the chance to worship me from my latex covered toes up to my perfect rubber clad posterior. He is instructed to lick and kiss my curves, to kiss n sniff the latex all the way up my legs. Licking and loving my latex n drinking my spit when I decide to drip it’s sweetness directly into his eager mouth.