Vaginal Orgasms – Mandy Flores – Black Widow 2

Mandy Flores  Black Widow 2  preview

478 MB – 1920*1080 – mp4 – 00:08:05

Knock knock!! He opens the door and a smoking hot, outgoing and very out spoken girl is standing there. “Hey I just moved in next you’re hot! Sorry, are you married? Well, I just moved in down the street and Im just being neighborly and introducing myself, do you mind if I come in?”Unaware of my intentions, he lets me on in and gives me a tour that cuts pretty short when all I want to see is his bedroom. “I hope Im not interrupting anything, are you expecting anyone?”I lay down on the bed and half heartedly apologize about my aggressiveness but get right down to what I want. His cock! “I have to admit I’ve been spying on you and Im just going to cut to the chase. I want to fuck you.” He’s willing, of course he is. All men are…Dumb fucks. He has no idea that Im the notorious black widow that fucks men and takes their soul. He has a good time until he realizes he’s done for…Mandy Flores


Boot Fetish – Club Stiletto FemDom – Please More – Mistress Irene

 Club Stiletto FemDom  Please More   Mistress Irene  preview

467 MB – 1920*1080 – mp4 – 00:06:21

This scene opens with Mistress Irene rubbing her dirty boots on her slave and a fair bit of dirt is indeed spread on his body. “This way you are not the only dirt below me” she says as she steps up onto his chest so he can enjoy her full 165 pounds on his body. She then turns sideways and starts to jump on his chest and stomach. She steps onto his head with both feet and balances there while he grunts below her. She takes hold of the fireplace next for balance and now starts to really jump on his stomach. She makes him count after each one and continues right up to 15. She then makes him lick the soles of her nasty boots, gliding the soles over his tongue.
The slave is taking a real beating so she treats him with some spit balls into his mouth. “Let me water my garden” she says. Now she steps onto his neck and then back onto his torso for some more jumping. She then informs him that he actually miscounted when she was jumping on him and she’s starting over again. When she reaches 15 he begs for mercy by saying “Please Mistress.” She replies, “Please, more?” The slave tells her that he wants it harder and higher, Irene proceeds to oblige him and tells him it’s great exercise and she could do it for an hour. One has to be careful what they ask for, especially when beneath the boots of the powerful Mistress Irene.


Findom – Brat Princess 2 – Kaylie and Natalya – Foot Smelling Human ATM

 Brat Princess 2  Kaylie and Natalya  Foot Smelling Human ATM  preview

799 MB – 1920*1080 – mp4 – 00:10:53

Kaylie and Natalya have a foot smelling freak they love to abuse. Besides exploiting him in videos they also exploit his weakness for smelling girls feet financially. Just back from a Mall rinse, the girls let him sniff their stinky feet. The freak gets so weak they even get more money from him! So funny! He is completely weak and vulnerable to the smell of feet. How weird but profitable for the girls!

CLICK TO GET FILE FROM K2S.CC - WATCH ONLINE AND DOWNLOAD – Miss London Lix Femdom and Fetish – No Mercy For His Balls

Miss London Lix Femdom and Fetish  No Mercy For His Balls  preview

230 MB – 1920*1080 – mp4 – 00:09:17

In front of me is the most pathetic, pitiful slave in my stable. Hes so desperately obedient, his life is worth so little without me, that this relationship isnt even sexual anymore. Ive drilled submission into him so deeply, that even if I permanently damaged his cock, even if I wrecked his balls so hard he couldnt cum, I know hed still stick around. So hes perfect for my experiment today – I have more and more clients interested in ballbusting, and I need to see how much a man can take. I kick, knee, punch and slap him in the balls. Fast, hard kicks. Toe kicks and deep kicks in multiple positions, lots of verbal humiliation to keep him motivated. Pretty much every ounce of suffering I can think of putting his poor, swollen testicles through.
To begin with, hes loving it, offering himself up for sacrifice to my perfect latex bodysuit, stockings and PVC boots. I pull his hair and slap his face, dragging him back up for more as he tries to take a second to rest. There is no time for a break in Miss Lixs dungeon. Ive given him a safe word – Mercy – only to be used when he REALLY cant take any more. I should be an ethical domme and listen as he screams it out the first time, but sadly for his poor nuts; theres No Mercy when it comes to Miss Lixs ball abuse fetish…
**My FIRST time ballbusting on camera, although not in person**
Featuring Jay Wimp of Ballbusting Beauties

CLICK TO GET FILE FROM K2S.CC - WATCH ONLINE AND DOWNLOAD – Madame Marissa – Dirty hunter boots licking in the parking lot

Madame Marissa  Dirty hunter boots licking in the parking lot  preview

282 MB – 1280*720 – mp4 – 00:10:18

I went for a walk in the woods in my sexy red Hunter rubber boots – and left the loser slave in the trunk of my car �� When I get back he’s already waiting for me, looking through the back window. I release him from the trunk – but only to order him to get on his knees and clean my boots with his tongue. He should consider himself lucky – it hasn’t rained for a few days, so it’s only dry dirt – no mud �� After cleaning my boot soles he also has to clean the boot legs and then sniff the inside of the boots – with the moist hot weather my feet got pretty sweaty in these rubber boots! Then he has to get back into the trunk and I take off with him.


British Femdom – GODDESS MAYA LIYER – Boot Slave for Latex Goddess

GODDESS MAYA LIYER  Boot Slave for Latex Goddess  preview

631 MB – 1920*1080 – mp4 – 00:08:35

I know that you are weak for latex clad Dominant women in thigh high Leather boots, sometimes nothing can beat the dark gloominess of a dungeon with a slave cowering at My feet and obediently licking My boots to avoid further punishment. Well the two slaves that I keep in this dungeon have been busy unlocking themselves from their chastity cages during My absence and they will be punished, but first I want My boots and latex cleaned with slave tongue before the whipping and flogging ensues.
More Boot clips are available below…




395 MB – 1920*1080 – mp4 – 00:09:52

I’m with my beautiful friend at the House of Sinn. We have a slave that is going to enjoy the luxury of worshiping our boots. He is already on his knees, and we are using him as our footstool. His cock is also in chastity, and perhaps he can raise a throbber for us. Of course, it won’t mean he will enjoy any freedom. As we allow him to lick and worship our boots, we both decide to enjoy a relaxing cigarette. Our slut has to remain on his knees on the floor, and make sure he continues with his licking. Eventually, we decide to use him as our human ashtray. He has to make sure he keeps that mouth of his open as we both flick our ash into his mouth. Our bitch chokes even more, as we take turns blowing delicious clouds of smoke into his face. As we finish our cigarettes, we stub them out on his tongue making sure he chews and swallows the butt ends. Before we are finished with our bitch, we give him some slaps on his ass and balls to make sure he remains obedient. He’s a fortunate slut to have been used and abused by two beautiful bootdoms…

CLICK TO GET FILE FROM K2S.CC - WATCH ONLINE AND DOWNLOAD – Club Stiletto FemDom – Forest Fuckery – Miss Jasmine

 Club Stiletto FemDom  Forest Fuckery   Miss Jasmine  preview

658 MB – 1920*1080 – mp4 – 00:08:57

The scene opens with Miss Jasmine walking on a forest trail wondering out loud where she left the forest ranger that she has recently turned into her slave. “Uh, there you are” she says as she finally comes across him lying on the ground waiting for her to return. Jasmine is wearing knee high boots with a thin 6” stiletto heel and as he is positioned right by a tree she just goes ahead and jumps onto him, holding the tree for support. The slave groans in agony which makes this lovely Fall day even better for Jasmine. She just loves hurting the ranger ever since he tried to have her removed from the private forest a few weeks earlier. Jasmine talks about what a great relationship they have while the slave tries not to scream down below her. She sits on him and as she removes her boots she tells him “If you can’t take the pain you know I can always send the videos we’ve made to your boss, your FB friends and your business networking sites.” Now down to her cute pink socks Jasmine hops back on him and this times does squats and compliments him on actually being useful for something.
The slave really struggles under the weight of Jasmine and she comments that she always finds ways to break men be it physically or emotionally. She basically in no time has them ruined, their only purpose in life to serve her. “They have no ego left when I’m done with them” she says. She tells the slave that next time she is going to bring a girlfriend over and they will both trample him at the same time. “I think that would be super, super, fun, or maybe I can ball bust him while Kandy tramples him and then we can take turns.” She asks the slave if he prefers to be trampled or ball busted and when he replies ball busted she says “Awesome, I’m going to do both then.” As she stands on him she kicks him several times in his junk which makes her laugh with glee. Jasmine bends over to pick up her phone and while standing on the slave reads messages and kicks him some more. Jasmine again puts on her boots and this time uses the slave as a chaise lounge. She looks at you now and asks if you would like to serve her, suffer for her, be her furniture or her boot licker. “What kind of service oriented sub are you?” she asks. Jasmine is pleased how still the slave is and how relaxing it is for her. She lays her head back and feels the warm sun. “I could have a nap here” she says. Mr forest ranger isn’t going anywhere soon, hopefully his boss doesn’t come looking for him.