Humiliation – THE MEAN GIRLS – Kryptonite Pussy Juice Porridge – Goddess Platinum

 THE MEAN GIRLS  Kryptonite Pussy Juice Porridge   Goddess Platinum  preview

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Cat-Girl has sneaked into Superman’s secret Fortress of Solitude. She has set out a trap for him- a deliscious concoction of a mysterious nature. When he returns from fighting evil, he can’t help but at least try this strange treat. After all, he is a bachelor and is hungry after all his crime fighting! After a few bites, he begins to feel rather…strange.
When Cat-Girl senses that her plan has taken full effect and weakened Superman, she boldly struts up to him and proclaims her victory. There is nothing he can do to stop her. He is so, so…WEAK. Cat-Girl laughs and explains her diabolical plan. He has been eating “Kryptonite Pudding!” And to make it completely irresistible to him, she had laced it with her own deliscious pussyjuice- which is known to be completely irresistible to ANY man- even SUPERman! So of course, he gobbled it all up- sealing his own doom!
As it absorbs into his system, he becomes weaker and weaker…at this point Cat-Girl can overpower him so easily that she simply grabs him by the hair and FORCE-FEEDS him the remaining Kryptonite Pudding- whether he wants to eat it or not!
At this point, our hero blacks out and collapses helplessly at the feet of this Evil Temptress. He awakens only to find to his horror that her porridge potion has…TRANSFORMED HIM! He is nothing but a weakened gelatinous form of his former self. Cat-Girl laughs and decides to toy with him…she cannot help but enjoy slapping around this former “super” man!
And Cat-Girl literally “slaps him around”! She bitch-slaps him across the face until he is actually begging her to “PLEASE stop hitting him” because it hurts him so much. Apparently her potion has INCREASED his pain receptors so the slightest slap across the face racks his body with immense pain! He literally cries at her feet begging for mercy and begging her to “please stop beating him”! It’s absolutely pathetic…and she LOVES it.
Soon, the “hero” is licking the evil woman’s boots, completely defeated and helpless. She has renamed him “Super Loser” and mocks him to his face. There is nothing he can do about it. he will live the rest of his life as her SERVANT- or else face the consequences!
She even laughs about what she has done to Batman! HE is apparently her slave as well! She fantasizes about how soon they BOTH will be her personal boot-licking lackeys! Cat-Girl even records “Super Loser” licking her boots so she can threaten him with blackmail, should her “Pussy Potion Porridge” ever wear off! Imagine the disappointment on all his fan’s faces if they were to ever tune into yootoob and see their “hero” groveling and licking her boots like this!
Oh this is going to be so very fun for her… Hmm…who is next to be enslaved by Cat-Girl?? She has an idea…and she explains how “Super Loser” is going to HELP her make it happen!




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[Femdom 2018] MISTRESS GAIA – LITTLE SPARROW COCK [Bootdom, Boot Domination, Femdomboot, Gaia, Mistress, Bootlicking, Boot Worship]
Today I am going to give my slave a little training treat, and if he pleases me I may reward him. He’s going to learn to worship me, and know what it means to be obedient. I put my slave on a collar and leash and I lead him to the foot of my throne. He will remain on his knees at all times, as he’s my bitch and I want only to look down on him. I begin by sitting on my throne and getting my slut to lick my boots, I want to see that tongue of his going. I also order him to suck on my stiletto heels and make sure he cleans them. It’s a great privilege for my bitch to be allowed to worship my beautiful black leather boots. I give him a couple of hard yanks on his chain to remind him to keep licking. As he looks up at me with those pathetic eyes, I know he’s becoming aroused. I tell him he can touch his tiny cock, however he must also continue to worship me and kiss my boots. After a while I notice that although his cock is hard, its so fucking tiny. I tell him if he wants to cum, he must put it between my boots. I place them together jamming his tiny piece of meet, and my slut begins to pant and gasp as he pushes his cock back and forward between my leather boots. I finally give him permission to cum, and he groans as he squirts his mess over my boots. What a filthy slut!! I order my bitch to get his tongue out, and lick up the mess he made of my boots with his tiny little sparrow cock…


Boots – Mistress Ezada Sinn – The ritual of offering Me a gift

 Mistress Ezada Sinn  The ritual of offering Me a gift  preview

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There is a ritual for offering Me gifts, especially boots and other footwear. I can afford to buy as many pairs of boots as I want, I don’t need them, but what can make them special is that it’s a gift from you. In this case, the boots I am wearing right now, for the very first time, are a gift from My pink poodle. But in order for Me to enjoy a gift it must be offered from the heart, and in order to prove that you really want Me to have your gift and find pleasure in it, you have to worship it even before I wear it. And pink poodle here will demonstrate how to properly worship a gift on the example of these sandal boots, according to My boot worship ritual. Only after that will these boots be really ready to be worn by Me; manner in which you offer and ritualistically worship the gift matters more than the object itself.


Boot Domination – Young Goddess Kim – Servitude

 Young Goddess Kim  Servitude  preview

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Servitude: the state of being a slave or completely subject to someone more powerful.
It is an honor for a male to be taken into ownership and used by a dominant Goddess. Just look at the unworthy slave beneath My boots; I have given it purpose and reason for being. It is another glorious day to serve and worship Me – in any way I command. Today, I am enjoying wearing My thigh high patent boots and this lucky mutt will pay its respects and prove its usefulness before Me. I order it to kiss My superior boots and get to work licking every inch, polishing away eagerly with its tongue. I am not easily impressed and make it work and lick harder. Boot bitch is ordered to lay on its back while I use it like a rug, resting My divine boots on its body and wiping My soles clean on its tongue. Now, let Me see if it has shined every inch to My satisfaction while I enjoy smoking a cigarette and scrutinizing the slave’s work. Since this bitch is completely subject to My power and control I will use its tongue to discard My ash and consume My cigarette butt. I let it play with its useless tiny dick and enjoy tormenting it further at the end of My boot soles. That useless hard dick could never please a Woman – luckily I find other creative ways for it to please Me. A human ashtray, boot cleaning bitch, carpet beneath My soles. What would you give to be in his position?
Includes: Female Domination, Boot Domination, Human Ashtray, Smoking, Human Furniture, Humiliation, Tease & Denial, Shoe & Boot Worship, Femdom, Female Supremacy, PVC, Glove Fetish, Objectification, Shiny Fetish, Verbal Humiliation, CFNM


Real Life Goddess – Young Goddess Kim – Broken toy

 Young Goddess Kim  Broken toy  preview

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It has finally sunk in to this objects head that it is nothing but an unworthy, literal toy. A toy that has been played with over and over and over again and is now programmed into an inanimate object. I left it overnight and while I have been out all day it just lays on the floor like a forgotten toy. So when I arrive I just laugh at its pathetic immobile state and naked body begging to be played with. Once I start using My toy, the only thing that moves is its twitching dick, that is how I like it – completely pliable and puppet-like. But I know I can break it even more. These boots were made for breaking boys into toys – and that’s just what they’ll do! Edging and swopping between My PVC gloves and boots until I see a glimmer of desperation… And then a cum countdown with an ultimatum. Is the toy truly broken? Is there still cum in those balls? Will it shoot and drip in devastation? Aww too bad broken toy! I will have to put it away in My dark closet – dragging and kicking it to fit inside just like you would any other piece of junk.
**This clip includes POV angles…..Become My broken toy!
Includes: Female Domination, Boot Domination, PVC Gloves, Bootjob, Handjob, Edging, Verbal Humiliation, Cum Countdown, Cumshot, Ruined Orgasm, Objectification, Mental Domination, Femdom POV angles, Shiny Fetish, Jeans Fetish, CFNM, Female Supremacy


Boot Domination – Femme Fatale Films – Boots For Worship – The Hunteress

 Femme Fatale Films   Boots For Worship   The Hunteress  preview

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[Femdom 2018] Femme Fatale Films – Boots For Worship. Starring The Hunteress [Boot Worship, Bootlicking, Boots, Bootdom, Boot Domination, Femdomboot]
The Hunteress returns to FFF with a boot licking scene to make any boot fetishist slobber at the mouth. meticulous attention to licking detail is demanded by the infamous Hunteress, commanding her slave to lick for his life, from the dirty soles at the bottom, to the soft leather skin next to hers at the very top. Get it wrong and there will be a face slap to knock him senseless. this is a rare treat she is giving her slave, so he’d better make the very most of it!


Facesit – Young Goddess Kim – Goddess Kim’s make-up chair

Young Goddess Kim  Goddess Kims makeup chair  preview

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Goddess Kim is getting ready for a Halloween event. She is looking gorgeous and wicked in tight wet look leggings, lace shirt and patent ankle boots. Now all She needs to do is Her make-up for the evening. She rings the slave bell and the pathetic slave crawls naked at Her attention. Goddess objectifies slave and uses it as Her chair. She sits on its face with Her perfect round and suffocating butt. She is cruel and taunting but to be below Goddess in this position, even though suffering and struggling, to be used as a chair for Goddess is a high and coveted honour. She teases slave and bounces on its face, humiliating and degrading the lowly servant. The chair must be very still, trying not to struggle for air in order for Goddess to apply Her perfect red lipstick. Once Goddess is ready to leave She takes slave to the front door as it kisses the ground She walks on. Goddess commands that it lick Her boots shiny and wait at the door without moving until Her return where She will use it again to lick Her boots clean from the event.


Whipping – FemmeFataleFilms – Three Hundred – Mistress Ezada

 FemmeFataleFilms  Three Hundred   Mistress Ezada  preview

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The notorious Mistress Ezada has had her slave caged overnight, so when she appears before him, dressed in black leather from head to booted toe, he is eager to show his adoration for her. After allowing him to lick and kiss her leather boots, she decides to give him a sentence of 300 strokes. However, 300 proves not to be enough to satisfy Mistress Ezada, so the slave feels the full force of her wrath for considerably more than that. Mistress Ezada holds nothing back in this extreme whipping session and the sheer excellence of her technique, extracting every ounce of venom from her whips is a sight to behold.