Female Domination – Brat Princess 2 – Natalya – Sniff My Cheese Farts

 Brat Princess 2  Natalya  Sniff My Cheese Farts  preview

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Natalya ate cheese and it makes her tummy gurgle. That’s not her fault! She doesn’t want to have to smell the gassy result. Natalya’s got her slave tied up really good and he’s about to suffer the consequences for her. She sits right on his face and lets em rip. One ripe cheese fart after another. Natalya really makes sure that her slave sniffs it in. A Princess does not smell her own farts. That’s a slave’s job. The slave must get it’s nose right in the Princess’ asshole so that it doesn’t miss a thing. Natalya lectures this slave on doing a good job for her. She reminds the slave that it could easily be replaced. Inhaling a fart takes almost no skill. Regardless, a slave should always seek to impress its Princess and do it’s very best. Being fired from the task of toilet slave would be very humiliating. There pretty much isn’t any lower a slave can go. The slave tries harder and does his best to breathe in every stinky cheese fart. Natalya still isn’t satisfied. She decides to put this slave on fart duty all week long so that he gets better at inhaling stench. With ample practice, this one might become the best fart slave in her stable.


Brat Girls – Brat Princess 2 – BP – 3 Girls Ballbust a Fat Broke Loser

 Brat Princess 2  BP  3 Girls Ballbust a Fat Broke Loser  preview

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The Brat Princesses are having a ballbusting party! The girls have a ton of fun kicking a fat, broke, old loser in the balls. This is a very exciting clip with a lot of great high energy and giggling from the girls. If you like to see girls really enjoying themselves, having a great time together while kicking a loser in the balls repeatedly, then this is a great clip to get. Lots and lots of great kicks! The girls kick the loser until he’s opened up and writhing on the floor. Then, they kick him some more! The kicks in this position are straight up into the loser’s pelvic bone. So painful! He’s a pretty good sport about it, though. The pathetic loser lets the girls kick his testicles up into his pelvic bone as much as they want. When the girls tell him to stand again, he does. The three tittering girls drop their big fat loser over and over. Every time he drops they kick him more and more! Finally, the old loser just simply can’t get up again. The girls leave him cowering on the floor and take his credit card. Time for a nice three-way wallet fuck while the besties binge at the mall.
Production Note: This clip was shot with two cameras.


Femdom – Brat Princess 2 – Mariah – Spoiled Princess Gets Relaxing Ass Worship

 Brat Princess 2  Mariah  Spoiled Princess Gets Relaxing Ass Worship  preview

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Mariah texts on her phone while her slave Worships her ass. The slave kisses her cheeks, licks up and down, and sniffs her ass deeply. The slave must Worship Mariah’s perfect ass exactly how she wants. The slave must also properly care for and lick the Princess’ thong. Mariah buries her slave’s face into her ass with the soles of her bare feet. She is nice and relaxed. Princess Mariah has her slave Worship her ass until she falls asleep.


Female Domination – Brat Princess 2 – Mariah and Natalya – Whipped and Kicked in Bondage until Open and Oozing

 Brat Princess 2  Mariah and Natalya  Whipped and Kicked in Bondage until Open and Oozing  preview

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Mariah and Natalya have had a tough week at school. They are going to take it out on the slave they have chained up in the basement. The pretty girls release all their frustrations from the week by going right in on the slave with a single tail whip. No warmup, just sheer heartless brutality. The slave cries out, but the girls are relentless. They do not care about the slave at all. In fact, the harder he cries, the harder they hit him. The cold, heartless whipping just isn’t enough. Mariah decides that the slave needs to be kicked in the balls, too. You can see stains on the basement floor from the last slave they broke open in a similar blind rage. Girls just love abusing their slaves to get their aggression out. They whip and kick and giggle gleefully. When finished, the girls review their work and note that the slave has been thoroughly welted. When they come to the scrotal sack, they see that they have once again ripped it open. This oozing slave has added to the red stains on the basement floor. The girls aren’t satisfied, though. They want him to shed more for them next time. They want every welt on his hide to pour red. They want his scrotal sack not just leaking, but totally irreversibly mangled. #Goals. This clip contains a bonus highlight of Mariah and Natalya in “Brutally Beaten for Lacking Empathy.”


Femdom – Brat Princess 2 – Lizzy and Natalya – Small Girl Strapped Behind Big Ass Trained to Crawl and Assist

 Brat Princess 2  Lizzy and Natalya  Small Girl Strapped Behind Big Ass Trained to Crawl and Assist preview

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Lizzy is much physically smaller than Natalya. Today, the larger girl, Natalya, is training tiny little Lizzy to crawl behind her big ass. Natalya uses a harness to strap Lizzy’s face into her bottom. Lizzy will be forced to crawl behind Natalya’s large ass for a full 24hrs as part of her hazing into the Brat Princess sorority. This is very physically demanding of little Lizzy. After even just a few minutes her knees are sore. Also, it will obviously be humiliating for Lizzy to be strapped to Natalya’s ass while they are in public places, like the cafeteria or quad. Even though it is obviously challenging for her, Lizzy is very submissive and does her best to impress Natalya. While Lizzy struggles behind Natalya with her face in her ass, Natalya lists off some additional expectations she has of her pledge. For example, she wants Lizzy to be ready with her lip gloss and hairbrush between classes so that she can quickly re-apply the gloss as Lizzy brushes her hair. Sometimes, Natalya only has a few minutes and she wants to always look perfect. Natalya lets Lizzy out of the harness so that they can run drills. She trains Lizzy to retrieve a condom from her purse. Whenever and wherever Natalya and her boyfriend are ready to fuck, Lizzy must be at the ready with the condom. It will be Lizzy’s job to put the condom on Natalya’s boyfriend for her. Natalya tasks her pledge with organizing her purse while she has a cigarette so that she can produce any item she requires within three seconds for her. If Lizzy fails to organize the purse to Natalya’s liking, Natalya’s boyfriend will give Lizzy a swirly. This clip includes a bonus highlight from “Whore’s Face Washed in Toilet Extreme Cruel Humiliation.”


Eating – Brat Princess 2 – Amadahy and Kendall – Share a Snack on a Human Couch

Brat Princess 2  Amadahy and Kendall  Share a Snack on a Human Couch  preview

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Amadahy and Kendall cuddle together on a human couch and talk about their day at school. They gossip about classmates and share a snack while ignoring the boy beneath them. They giggle over fucking the most well-endowed boys and using the losers for tasks like sucking on their panties after. The girls make plans to go out to dinner together with their boyfriends later using a slaves credit card. The slave starts to squirm and interrupts the girls conversation. It complains that the girls are too heavy. They stand momentarily, only to bounce back down on him harder. The Princesses bounce hard on the couch several times. They put the waste from their snack into the couch-boys mouth and leave to call their boyfriends.
Clip contains: Amadahy, Kendall, HUMAN FURNITURE, BRAT GIRLS, eating, hard bouncing on abdomen


Femdom – Brat Princess 2 – Brianna – Wife Face Sits Cuckold Husband

 Brat Princess 2  Brianna  Wife Face Sits Cuckold Husband  preview

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Brianna talks on the phone with her lover while her cuckold husband cleans the bedroom. She wants her husband to clean up before her lover comes over. Brianna’s husband, naked and in chastity, rushes about getting everything ready. Brianna is very excited about her date, but then, her lover cancels. Frustrated, Brianna throws her much smaller husband onto the bed. She’s too worked up thinking about sex with her lover to not get an orgasm. Brianna’s husband’s tiny dick is useless, but she can still use his face to get herself off while thinking about her lover. Her husband’s nose is bigger than his penis. She uses his big nose on her clit to work herself up to an orgasm. Brianna’s toes curl as she cums on her cuckold husband’s face. Once finished, she pushes her husband off her bed. She’s not satisfied and still wants a real man to come over and fuck her. Brianna picks up her phone and calls another one of her lovers to see if he’d be available.