Femdom – Asian Cruelty – A PAINFUL DAY FOR MY SLAVE! Starring Astro Domina

 Asian Cruelty  A PAINFUL DAY FOR MY SLAVE Starring Astro Domina  preview

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Look at him he’s pathetic isn’t he old and ugly naked and fucking helpless! His worthless junk in a stockade that leaves him utterly vulnerable to my every whim and tormentive thought! I will have fun with this feeble minded one! I will break him and then keep going just because I can, Who cares how much pain he’s in or how far I have pushed him beyond his levels of comprehensible pain. For today everything changes for him!


Asian Goddess – Asian Cruelty – RELENTLESSLY THRASHED FROM PILLAR TO POST! Starring Goddess Mena

 Asian Cruelty  RELENTLESSLY THRASHED FROM PILLAR TO POST Starring Goddess Mena  preview

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With my slave helplessly bound to my inescapable steel whipping post, he has no choice but to stand there and accept whatever degree of pain and pleasure I desire to inflict upon him. And on this night, my appetite to inflict pain is on him insatiable. Not because this minion has disobeyed me, or disrespected my position of authority, but simply because I choose to. Because I can. For my enjoyment. For my pleasure. For the fuck of it. lol
Beginning with my dreaded thrasher whip, I strike his vulnerable flesh again and again until his back is a mass of beautiful welts and lacerations. His cries of pain fill the room as my whip relentlessly takes him beyond his threshold. He pleads for mercy, but there shall be none. He begs for a reprieve, and I grant him a moment to catch his breath, but only long enough for me to retrieve an even more delicious instrument of pain, that being a short leather quirt. The sting of this whip reverberates throughout his entire body, as the leather rips at his baby soft skin, cutting it like a hot knife through butter.
I am both relentless and without remorse, as I break his mind, body and soul with my dreaded whips. It is through this intense journey of pain that he learns that his only place in my realm is at the end of my whip, and at the heel of my boot beneath me. If he truly accepts his position of servitude, then and only then will he find true contentment as my inferior.


Nisha Stiefel – Boot Heel Worship Cbt Humiliation – BootsCleaningHumiliation – Lady Nisha

 Boot Heel Worship Cbt Humiliation  BootsCleaningHumiliation   Lady Nisha  preview

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Lady Nisha is sexy as demanding! She is sitting comfortable on a chair calling her slave at her mercy. Lady Nisha connects the leash at the collar around his neck and commands him to keep his arms on his back and to stick out his tongue for abusing it as a rag for the dirty soles of her wicked high heel leather boots. The soles are really dirty from walking on the streets and Lady Nisha enjoys to wipe them on the slaves tongue till they are shiny! Slowly and with passion! She humiliates her slave verbal and gives him some nice face slaps for being sure that he gives much effort! Just to please her…just to amuse his Mistress! Lady Nisha is so beautiful! A honor being allowed to serve this hot Lady! Watch this great boot worship clip with a lot of POV scenes and some nice close ups. 1920×1080 MP4.


Submission Hold – Reality Girls Scissors – Honoring Goddess Amadahy: 1080 HD Knockouts

Reality Girls Scissors  Honoring Goddess Amadahy 1080 HD Knockouts  preview

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There is nothing to do for Goddess Amadahy again on this site. It is impossible to write with unclouded eyes here thinking of her, seven minutes and four weeks of cries and screams, and quiet and wonder. And of no importance at all to the gravity of her disappearance from the world, is that Reality Girls lost likely its biggest superstar. The one and true Goddess will never lock on another headscissors and bite her lip as she feels a neck’s ligaments give from her strength and leverage. She loved headscissors. She loved knocking people out. Goddess Amadahy loved, and was so good, at so many things. And she made good money with we lucky handful. She helped people see us. One producer, I forget who, she always remembered, once wrote that all there was to a clip hitting the Top 50 was writing the name “Amadahy” in the title. So good was she at so much that we sometimes, in descriptions, wrote to never underestimate her skill on the mat. But all who saw her needed nothing of a reminder. She was remarkable. She was skilled and beat larger opponents in competitive matches. She was a beautiful athlete. She was a swimmer and played water polo. And she was right; her legs were “assassin legs.” Her headscissors could pull your neck off at full power as her pelvis threatened to break it because it seemed she could tilt the bone up forever. She dove in clear oceans and made friends with wild things; she seemed often on Twitter, far away in a winter coat outshining mountains or highlighting them, depending which was her mood. If we are lucky, we are among those who talked to her on the phone. Amadahy would text. But she preferred talking on the phone. Part anachronism; part existentialist. At 4 a.m. in Vegas, and in all the places those in our lucky little group saw her name pop up on our phone … we all know that little extra excitement. And it’s gone. We loved her. We miss her. As all those burdened with greatness are, she was a kaleidoscope; at once beautiful and rapid and unpredictable, difficult and postured, and stubborn, and right and wrong and knowledgeable, and so damn smart. God she was smart. And her eyes were so fucking hot. All rooms were hers when she entered. In one flash nothing is the same, as it can never be when someone shining too bright on a road is gone from it. Loren Blaine and Amadahy loved one another. I watched the pinned tweet with Ava kissing Loren’s ear too many times not to take it down. They were, and are, two badass girls who met and flourished applying violent submission holds at Reality Girls over almost the same number of years, talked and listened and knocked more people out together than we would count for much less than almost a small fortune. They shared common things. One strickly common thing they shared was an extreme hatred for Thin Man. Some hate him, some don’t. They did, and do. The only thing Goddess Amadahy might have loved more than putting people in headscissors was hating Thin Man. So when the superstar blonde, Loren takes on Thin Man here for the first time since Hannah was new, it all happened, it seemed, with something about Amadahy in it. Loren brutalizes him, knocks him out in a rear naked choke, with which Amadahy loved making his head bounce off mats. Behind them is one of three orchids from Goddess Amadahy’s Orlando wake last Sunday. They are one white and two blue — all hers — but this blue one for us to keep lit, here in the window behind the beautiful Loren, who headscissors their nemesis in big, black heels; when he says bodyscissors are some of the easier holds to take, she makes him sorry, and scream. He’s sorry throughout. In front of Amadahy’s orchid, Loren wraps a metal collar and leash around his neck, tells him to “shutup” and rides him before a look out onto the sidewalk inspires her to walk him outside. She is stopped only by the pleading raccoon eyes of Fat Fuck the cameraman from parading him down a busy street. Instead, Loren takes him out back by the pool and fucks him up on the hard brick pavers, forcing his tongue from his mouth in rear naked chokes, turning him purple and putting him back to sleep; he convulses. He panics but hangs in against one of the meanest girls in wrestling. It’s a trait the two girls also shared — cruelty. Only one girl we have filmed just here has been meaner than Goddess Amadahy and Loren Blaine, and that’s because the forever nameless girl has no soul. We wish she’d come back. Amadahy, whose soul seemed always reaching for something great or dangerous or new or familiar, might or might not have liked the evil girl, but she would have been intrigued by her. And she would surely have been smiling here, or jumping in, or watching with those laser eyes, or all of it — as there were few more favorite sights for her than the pain of the man Loren is draining the existence from — Thin Man — hurt and panicked here in reverse headscissors, slapped — totally brutalized by Loren Blaine. Whether something more than here exists, Goddess Amadahy would have loved it down on this cruel world, from which as brilliant a star as will ever be has vanished. Duration: 19:31


Female Domination – Christina QCCP – Wet Look Lust – director’s cut

 Christina QCCP  Wet Look Lust  directors cut  preview

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Shiny and wet-looking spandex so tight, so slippery,
I got carried away on my own wave of fetishy lust. The feeling
of a catsuited captive, grinding helplessly against my oiled and pantyhosed legs?
I’m not sure who was more lost in this one–me or client.
*Make sure to stay tuned after the credits, as this scene takes a turn, my slave gets needy, and things go further than I expected… I LET them go further, and I almost didn’t release this scene… but it’s too damn steamy!


Unusual Bdsm – CRUEL PUNISHMENTS – SEVERE FEMDOM – Anette is brutal in every way part2 – Mistress Anette

 CRUEL PUNISHMENTS  SEVERE FEMDOM  Anette is brutal in every way part2   Mistress Anette  preview

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Mistress Anette doesn’t have to give all the strength she has when she uses her huge, multy tail whip on the back of her stretched slave, because the leather straps are so cruel, they leave nasty marks and stinging pain anyway. When the slave thinks that this can’t be worse, Anette puts on a pair of rubber gloves and she grabs his balls with his cock and starts slapping them with force to make him scream even louder.
Features: hard whipping, ballbusting, corporal punishment, female domination


Fantasy Wrestling – Mistress Iside – STRONG LEGS LIKE SCISSORS

 Mistress Iside  STRONG LEGS LIKE SCISSORS  preview

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Completely involved by her beauty and maximum cruelty I would like to have the honor of a custom with following plot: she is sitting on her throne at the end of a day, she is hungry and decides to order food in a pizza restaurant. An hour after the pizza guy rings at the door (I wish he was a cute boy, preferably with an uncovered face). He is very frightened and you can easily guess that he has never seen something like that by the expression on his face. At some point with a trivial excuse she grabs his neck between her legs. Then begins the real torture (please change more positions). During the video I would like to see her very much enjoyed, please do some close-ups of the boy’s face so that I can appreciate all his suffering … Kind regards, one of her faithful fan.
Completamente rapito dalla sua bellezza e massima crudeltà vorrei avere l’onore di una custom con la seguente trama: Lei è seduta sul suo trono al termine di una giornata, ha fame e decide di chiamare una pizzeria per ordinare da mangiare. Un’ora dopo suona alla porta il ragazzo delle pizze ( vorrei che fosse un ragazzo carino preferibilmente a volto scoperto ). Lui è molto spaventato e dall’espressione del suo volto si può facilmente intuire che non ha mai visto niente di simile. Ad un certo punto con una banale scusa lei afferra il suo collo tra le sue gambe. Inizia quindi una vera tortura ( la prego di variare più posizioni ). Durante il video mi piacerebbe vederla molto divertita, la prego di fare dei primi piani del viso del ragazzo così che io possa apprezzare tutta la sua sofferenza… Distinti saluti, un suo fedele ammiratore.


Verbal Humiliaton – Asian Cruelty – WHEN THE BALLS BREAK, MY PUPPET WILL FALL – Princess XI

Asian Cruelty  WHEN THE BALLS BREAK MY PUPPET WILL FALL   Princess XI  preview

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Having grown irritated with my slaves constant whiney requests to be released from his incarceration in my steel pagoda cage, I decide to grant him a moment of temporary freedom. But its not without a price, I assure you. Upon his release, I immediately replace those cold, steel bars with an even colder steel chain leash and collar around his throat, to better control and manhandle him to my whims.
I order him to his knees, and immediately soccer kick him square in the nuts to take him down even lower, bringing him eye level with my gorgeous feet and stilettos. I order him to KISS AND LICK MY SHOES, which he does eagerly in between him choking and gasping for his next breath. I drag him back up by his leash, and control his every movement as I dig my dagger like stilettos into his most prized possessions. He cant move a muscle. His only option is to stand there and take my delicious agony.
Over and over I kick, stomp, slap and crush his cock and balls relentlessly, until he comes to realize that in the future he should shut the fuck up and take his punishment without complaining or whining. Because I have the power to make him whine far more loudly, squeal actually, with a good swift kick to my puppets family jewels.