Executrix – Humiliation POV – Sexy Femme Fatale Assassin

 Humiliation POV  Sexy Femme Fatale Assassin  preview

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I see you’re interested in our services, are you familiar with what our girls offer at the Femme Fatale Agency? Good. Oh I see you’re obsessed with being taken out by a sexy femme fatale. So you’re sure you want to live out your ultimate fantasy? You want to be shot [email protected] by a sexy female assassin? Well, I will be the one carrying out your fantasy e.x.e.cution.. And I started this business because I absolutely love it! I love k.!.11!ing men like you. I’m very selective in my clientele but I can already tell that I’m going to enjoy k.!.!!.!ng you. I can’t wait to see the life draining from your eyes and knowing I was the cause. It’s quite a rush for me. So would you like to d.!.3.. by my hand?
Good because I’ve never actually had the pleasure of shooting a man to [email protected] this is going to be fun. I have the perfect hit girl scenario for you. It’s going to be to d.!.3.. for, LOL! But understand once you sign that consent form, you will d.!.3.. by my hand. There will be no backing out. You will not leave here. This isn’t just a fantasy. I will be using real bullets. You will d.!.3.. today. Our sessions always end with our clients d.y.!.n.g. at the hands of one of our beautiful girls. I’m really good at this sort of fantasy, I promise you’re going to love it. Just sign your life over to me.
You know you want it, just imagine me pointing a at you. Look how fucking sexy I look. You really are making the right decision. And now that you’ve signed I have complete legal authority to terminate your life as spelled out in this contract. So when I return I’ll be playing the part of a sexy hit woman come to you in your very own custom fantasy scenario. You’re going to love what I have planned for your demise, trust me. I’ll be back to k.!.1.1. you shortly.
“Move and you’re [email protected]! You weren’t expecting a sexy hit woman, were you? You’ve fallen right into my trap. Typical inferior male. Someone has paid me a lot of money to hunt you down and k.!.1.1. you. I know you think I’m so sexy, I can see you can’t stop staring at me. Take a good look at the hit woman who’s bested you. I’m the last woman you will ever see. You’re pretty lucky. You love my sexy k.!.1.1.3.r outfit, don’t you? Lucky for you I like to play with my prey before I blow them away. I’m going to give you one chance to live, if you can keep yourself from cumming in the next few minutes, you’ll be free to go. But if you shoot your load, then I’ll shoot mine. Sounds fun, doesn’t it?
But first I’m going to shoot you in the stomach so you can’t go anywhere. You’ll b.l.3.3.d out eventually but if you don’t cum, you’ll still have time to get some medical attention and you’ll survive. You get to jerk off to a sexy hit woman who’s already shot you. I can see from that erection that you’re already turned on by this. Resist me if you can but I think we both know that the second you laid your eyes on me you were a goner. Even though I’ve already shot you, you just can’t help but jerk it to me. If you’re gonna d.1.3. you might as well enjoy it. You might as well have one last orgasm. But remember what will happen if you cum. I want you to edge and make this one last.
It feels so good to jerk to me doesn’t it? Keep stroking that hard cock to me. If you cum I’m going to pump a dozen bullets into your body. Don’t lose control. The minute I see you cumming, I’m going to riddle you with bullets. Here let me help you, I’m going to jerk your cock and show you how I want you to jerk to me. Does that feel good? Oh you’re so close now. I’m so anxious to put you out of your misery. I know you’re so turned on by that thought. You’re so lucky that I showed up to be your hit woman. Don’t let my sweet talk fool you, I am a ruthless k.!.1.1.3.r.
Keep jerking my victim. I know you’re getting close, don’t forget what’s waiting for you as soon as you blow your load. You just can’t help yourself even though your life is on the line. This is turning you on so much. You’re so excited at the thought of being k.!.l.l.3.d by such a sexy hit woman. Your final orgasm will be the most intense you’ve ever experienced. Your life is down to just a few more strokes. Don’t stop stroking it’s too late now. Surrender to me, you know you want to. Do it, I can’t wait to empty my into your body. I know you want to be finished off by this sexy femme fatale.
Do it! LOL there you go, you made a mess all over my floor. That’s a good boy. You held out for a long time. I hope you enjoyed your last orgasm. I’m going savor this moment. We both knew it was going to end like this. Are you ready to d.!.3. for me? Say goodbye loser. BANG! BANG! BANG! LOL!”


Facesitting – AstroDomina – SMOTHER THERAPY feat AstroDomina

 AstroDomina  SMOTHER THERAPY feat AstroDomina  preview

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If it’s one thing Sydney really enjoys, it’s slaves who come ready. In this case, ready to be sat on. Laying down, head perched up on a chair, ready to accept Sydney’s glorious ass on his face. It doesn’t take long until his dick is nice and hard, even though he can’t really breathe with Sydney’s ass and pussy on his face. As Sydney moves around from front to back, slave boy’s dick gets super rock hard. Clearly he’s enjoying himself even through all the suffering. Let’s see how long this one lasts…


Bubble Butt – The Queendom – The Executrix Files: Smothered Out by RavenRae

 The Queendom  The Executrix Files Smothered Out by RavenRae  preview

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“Wake up,” she says, already annoyed at having to wait on this worthless slave. Madam RavenRae is a professional executrix with a busy day ahead of her. The loser with his head in a smother box is just another male deemed unworthy of existence in the Femdom Regime. Now that the male has been delivered to the Executrix Center and locked into the smotherbox all that’s left is for his sentence to be carried out, a job which Madam RavenRae is happy to do! The slave is too disoriented at first to beg for his life, but that doesn’t stop Raven from sitting on his face! Raven begins with reverse facesitting, wedging the slave’s nose deep between her cheeks. With his nose and mouth sealed shut by Raven’s ass the slave starts to panic, but Raven’s soft cheeks and thighs mold themselves around the slave’s face in a soft, smothering embrace. When Raven turns for forward facesitting and opens up her legs you can see the slave’s forehead turning deep red and purple from being crushed and suffocated!. “I don’t care,” she laughs as the slave tries to beg to be kept alive. “Keep humming and maybe I’ll keep you,” she says, enjoying the vibrations of the slave’s pleas for mercy. Unfortunately for the slave however, Raven doesn’t enjoy it enough and she doesn’t have any interest in keeping this slave around for long! In fact its about time for lunch and Raven spends the last few minutes of this slave’s pathetic life thinking about lunch, smothering the slave within an inch of his life over and over without thinking about it. “You know what, I need my phone,” she says, having finally come to a decision about lunch. She waves goodbye in the slave’s face and without another word sits down one last time and waits for the loser beneath her to stop flailing around…
Madam RavenRae, Facesitting, Smother Box, Femme Fatale Fantasy


Shorts – Skilled Girl – The Mission

Skilled Girl  The Mission  preview

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Im long time dreamed to find a lot of males to destroy and here it is- secret camp full with criminals! Generally this is karate style beatdown- high and groin kicks with “kiya” cry :), neck breaks, stomps, etc. and several throws just because i like to perform throws �� Its great when big guys fly head over heels and fall helplessly under my feet. Oh, i forgot- there is the teasing/humiliation scene for more fun ��


Tattoos – Mistress Synful Pleasure – Domina Synful Smotherbox Audition Takeover

 Mistress Synful Pleasure  Domina Synful Smotherbox Audition Takeover  preview

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Mistress Synful has gotten nice and relaxed and come back to her new seat, whom is trapped in her smotherbox. Originally, this was an interview for her, but after dealing with a condescending and obnoxious “boss” she decided to take over, with her ass. As if she needed to listen to his nonsense anyway-pffft! She has locked her new slave in the smotherbox for the weekend, and mocks him while he’s trapped beneath her and is forced to adhere to her wishes. Mistress Synful enjoys taking pictures of herself sitting on his face and sending them to her friends who share her laughter and amusement. While he attempts to plead to be released, she ignores him and continues to keep his nose firmly planted between her ass cheeks. The helpless slave is taunted, teased and struggling for air beneath her luscious ass, all the while Mistress Synful enjoys the satisfaction of his gasps for air, and shares his humiliation with her friends online.
This is part 2 to QueenDom’s smotherbox Audition part 1. (@therealqueendom)
Slight background fountain noise.


Forced Male Orgasm – THE MEAN GIRLS – Your Last Orgasm – Princess Carmela

THE MEAN GIRLS  Your Last Orgasm   Princess Carmela preview

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Princess Carmela walks over to the house slave sitting in its cage and teases it. She asks it if it would like to be let out of its cage. (It has been left in there for days by one of the other Mean Girls) She offers to let it out, but first it needs to put its ass up to the edge of the cage so she can inject the slave with a special serum. She just laughs as she does it but she doesn’t tell the slave what it is.
Then after administration of the mystery serum, she drags the slave out of its cage by its leash over to the new “slave milking machine”. She makes the slave insert its cock into the machine and laughs about how this is the closest thing a stupid slave will ever get to having sex with her. Because only her BF gets HER pussy! Oh, and that serum that she injected it with? Once the slave is good and “warmed up” by the machine, Carmela gets in its face and seductively lets it know that it was a “last orgasm” serum! Basically, the next orgasm he has will be his LAST. He will collapse and DYE within 3 minutes of his next orgasm! After telling him this and laughing in his face, the slave spends the rest of video BEGGING Princess Carmela not to make him cum!!! (While Princess Carmela just laughs and uses the remote control to toy with the speed of the machine..)
After awhile the slave cant take it anymore and screams out that he is cumming!! Princess pulls the machine away as the slave is cumming (RUINING his last orgasm EVER- so he can’t even ENJOY it!) and then gets even MORE sadistic pleasure by telling it that the only “antidote” for the injection is to humiliate himself further by LICKING UP HIS OWN CUM! (Which will just entertain her even further…) She then laughs while he laps away at the floor at her feet by filling him in on one more little surprise…


Human Furniture – THE MEAN GIRLS – Underwater Foot Rest – Princess Bella and Princess Carmelap

THE MEAN GIRLS  Underwater Foot Rest   Princess Bella and Princess Carmelap preview

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Alternate video formats available by search of title. To get this clip for less money click here Underwater Foot Rest (1080 HD) Its a lazy day at the pool at Mean Girl Manor. And Carmela and I need a foot rest A sadistic foot rest, haha! So we make one of the house slaves float face-down in the pool and potentially give his life for us- just so we can simply rest our feet on him as we cool off by the pool. It is so much more fun for us to have a slaves life hanging in the balance while we rest our feet and relax :)We eventually inform him that that this will probably be his last duty he will be performing for us here at The Manor and anyone else for that matter, because it is unlikely that he will survive this act of complete servitude.At first he agrees that he should gladly accept this honor but then when he gets underwater he chokes and starts gasping for air, he starts to literally beg us for his LIFE! So pathetic. But We tell him that the decision has been madeand we do NOT care about his bodily need for air! Actually, we kinda forget about him because Princess Carmela and I started chatting about our party plans with some hot guys that we were gonna meet up with later that night. So I guess he stopped struggling at some point and became our motionless human floaty for our perfect feetawww thats a GOOD way for a slave to go, dont you think?? �� -Princess Bella


Female Domination – THE MEAN GIRLS – The Deeth Scenes – Princess Beverly

THE MEAN GIRLS  The Deeth Scenes   Princess Beverly preview

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To get this clip for less money click here The Deeth Scenes (1080 HD)****THIS IS A CUSTOM CLIP****Beverly needs important files from the secret agent man sitting acrossfrom her. Her cold heart will stop at nothing to get it, even if she has todo him in. She roughs him up with a few hard face slaps and then gives himtoxic champagne to coerce him into giving up all his secrets. Agent Beverlyis one of the most ruthless and lethal assassins working for theorganization, no man to date has been able to stand in her way, and thisloser looks like he’s no exception. He begs for his life willing to giveany information if she will just allow him to live another day.


Suffocation – The Laughing Latina – Wonder woman takes out Batman

The Laughing Latina  Wonder woman takes out Batman preview

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Custom; Wonder Woman has been requested to protect Fort Knox from gangsters. However, batman is not happy as he believes he is the top super hero. He comes to Fort Knox to confront WW and is angry, pointing the finger at WW and telling her to get out of town. Naturally WW is not too happy at this and punches BM knocking to the floor where she get him in a forward scissor position. She is choking BM telling him that he should not mess with her as she could take him out by snapping his neck. She decides not too and releases him. Standing astride above him she tells him how she is much more powerful than he could ever be and decides she is going to get rid of him. She tells him she is going to use her finest asset to do it. Drop down to sit on his chest and bounce a couple of times to knock the air from him. Slowly inch up to his neck and squeeze his head between your thighs. You tell him that it is time to sit on his face and remove his mask. Tell him how ugly he is and how y ou can help change his facial features before you squash his face with your ass. Start to sit on his face in the squatting position. Tell him how you just happen to love facesitting and you are going to sit and squash the life out of him. Use all the great facesitting positions and talk as much as you like !! I love it!. During the facesitting, include some reverse scissors (my new love) . Near the end stand above him again before dropping on to his chest. tell him that the bat must die before sitting on his face and smothering him out. When finished, use a victory pose to tell us that no one beats Wonder woman. FOR CUSTOM CLIPS EMAIL ME FOR HD CLICK Wonder woman takes out Batman!! HDCATEGORY: DOUBLE FACE SITTING, ASS SMOTHERING,BUTT DROPS ,SURPRISE, MEN FOLLOWING ORDERS, TABOO, SMOTHERING, SUFFOCATION, ASS TO FACE, SMOTHER, DOMINATION , ASS FETISH, BRATTY AGENT , BIG BUTTS, STRUGGLING FOR MORE FACE SITTING VIDEOS CLICK HERE CLICK HERE FOR MORE BUTT DROP CLIPS! FOR MORE ASS SMOTHERING VIDEO’S CLICK HERE FOR MORE CHEST SITTING VIDEOS CLICK HEREFOR MORE HUMAN FURNITURE VIDEO’S CLICK HERE CLICK HERE FOR MORE BRAT GIRL CLIPS! FOR MORE SUPERHEROINES VIDEO’S CLICK HERE


Submissive Slave – The Laughing Latina – Sessions My Way – Jasmine Mendez

The Laughing Latina  Sessions My Way   Jasmine Mendez preview

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This goes to all the newbie sessioners looking to book a session or film with me, We are doing what I want. My foot will eventually end up in your mouth like it or not. You will either rub my feet or I will force you to worship my feet. If you ask for the scissorhold or wrestling package do expect I will squeeze the life out of you. Making you pass out is my goal tho it may not be yours. I enjoy what I do & I know what I want & Like. So I encourage everyone to book an appointment with me once @ JasmineMendez.com , Everyone comes back for more, Im the Best for a reason. FOR HD CLICK Sessions My Way! HD CATEGORY;