Panties – Mistress Luna – Cock tease

 Mistress Luna  Cock tease  preview

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exercise your imagination and imagine, that you are now, fully mummified, layied on the bed, only your nose and your dick are free and, Me, wearing gorgeous stockings and arousing silk panties I am using you as an object for My pleasure and fun!
I am sitting on your face, forging you to inhale the sweet perfume of My Sanctum and My ass , smother you face and tease your cock! Hmmm…how you will call this?: – pleasure ? Or torture?
I will call it ,,sweet torture,, …endless edging your dick with My velvet touch hands …I take you almost there ..where you are ready to explode and than I take My hand away and, to make sure I stop your ejaculation, I whip your erected cock or, I put ice on it ..
I tell you …is a sweet torture …I love to see you like this, to use you to tease you to make you edge again and again and again ..until your brain is totally forgetting everything except ME THERE TEASING you ..again and again and again …


Armpit – Club Stiletto FemDom – Gassed and Ruined – Miss Jasmine

 Club Stiletto FemDom  Gassed and Ruined   Miss Jasmine  preview

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Miss Jasmine has a man on the bed and spits on his cock and strokes it lovingly. Wait a minute, this is no man, it’s a slave and soon she lifts her arm and places the pit over his face demanding that he clean her. She slaps his face and demands long eager licks. “I think we need more spit” she says, opening his mouth and spitting in it before he resumes his duty of licking her armpits. Jasmine again seductively starts to stroke his cock, spitting on it for lube. What sort of slave are you? Do you want to be in his place or do you want to be the lowest of slaves and forced to suck his cock while he licks Miss Jasmine? She now moves onto his face and ass-smothers him while continuing to stroke his cock.
Jasmine looks breath taking sitting upright on his face and now ignoring his dick. She loves seeing him fight for air. She climbs off and again spits into his mouth and then starts to slap his face. As she talks she continues to slap his face before again spitting on his cock and again stroking it. Next he reaches for a flogger and starts to punish his nipples, she really has him dizzy with pleasure and pain. She now decides she might let him cum and strokes his cock while again sitting on his face and then she feels a fart coming. She blows a nasty one right in his face causing the slave to gasp but if anything his cock gets even more erect. She strokes vigorously and tells him to shoot a load for her. His cock is rock hard and suddenly he feels his orgasm coming. He moans in ecstasy and Jasmine suddenly removes her hand, it’s a ruined orgasm as one long spray of cum shoots across the room. A slave should never expect to cum and if he does it should never be in a way that a real man would experience it.


Ass Smother – Club Stiletto FemDom – Kick Under My Latex Covered Ass – Miss Xi

 Club Stiletto FemDom  Kick Under My Latex Covered Ass   Miss Xi  preview

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“How much have you been dreaming about my ass?” Miss Xi asks her pathetic slave. “Every day, Princess” he replies, as she slowly lowers her ass to his face. He gasps with excitement, although she doesn’t sit down completely, but moves up and down in order to torment him first. Finally, she sits down and you faintly hear a mumbled ‘thank you’ from underneath her ass. She drapes her legs across his body and seals his mouth and nose with her skirt. As the slave kicks, he turns his head sideways and Miss XI nearly falls right off his face! She dismounts and slaps his face hard for being so careless. She sits forward on his face and reaches back to yank on his nipples. If you like armpits, you get some great views of her pits throughout this clip.
Miss Xi lifts her skirt and has the slave lick the sweat from her ass cheeks before she pulls it back down and sits on him again. This time she tells him she’s not going to get up and he really starts to thrash underneath her. She shows little concern, however, as she takes him to his limit before she sits back down on his chest and teases you with her beautiful, dainty feet, right in front of the camera. Once more, she tantalizingly pulls up her skirt, and this time she sits on him flesh to flesh, with her ass actually touching his face. Lucky bitch! She flips around and wraps her legs around his neck, to show how muscular and powerful they really are. The slave’s face turns red as he frantically kicks, eventually pawing at her legs with his hands. Rather than let loose, XI suggests that maybe she should just snap his neck with her legs instead.


Femdom – Mistress Luna – Double used – Mistress Ezada and Mistress Luna

 Mistress Luna  Double used   Mistress Ezada and Mistress Luna  preview

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My dear friend Mistress Ezada got a new smothering chair and invite Me to try it! We have My slave lying on the floor, with his hands tied and his, head, locked in the smothering chair. He is a lucky male : to be used and face seated by two sexy Superior Ladies like us .
We sit on his face with our gorgeous bottoms clad in leather and tease his locked dick!
But having Mistress Ezada so close to Me, touching Her and smelling Her perfume it make Me more eager to ,,make love,, with Her instead of giving any attention to the pathetic male …and, She feel the same!
Now the slave can only hear our kisses and feel our horny perfumes …we forget about him, useless creature , we are so busy touching each others and kissing……


Blackmail Facesitting – Club Stiletto FemDom – Teacher Treats Her Principal Like Garbage – Miss Lily

 Club Stiletto FemDom  Teacher Treats Her Principal Like Garbage   Miss Lily  preview

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Sexy school teacher Miss Lily has blackmailed her principal (Imagine What The School Board And Your Wife Would Think) and now he has to come to her place whenever she likes and do as she demands. She’s sitting on his chest and comments that others at school wonder what she has on him as she gets away with treating him like trash. “The more I invite him over the more dirt I have on him”, she laughs. Lily now moves back plunking her ass right on his face. She butt slams him several times and calls him nasty names before sitting down and covering his mouth and nose completely. Her ass just looks amazing as always.
She moves into reverse position and while he fights for air she says that she thinks he really likes it even though he does seem to put up a fuss. She calls him a slave and says that she thinks it’s time for a raise at work and he puts up no fight and agrees to make it happen. Lily sits full weight and does gentle bounces so he is completely sealed. She does not get up even as he starts to kick for air. He reaches up with his hands and kicks his legs after over a minute and a half without breathing but still she keeps her place firmly on his ass. When she does get up he gasps desperately for air, but not satisfied that he is still breathing she sits down again, this time for good. “What a loser” she says shaking her head.


Human Furniture – Brat Princess 2 – Crystal and Victoria – Share a Human Seat while Chatting

 Brat Princess 2  Crystal and Victoria  Share a Human Seat while Chatting  preview

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Crystal and Victoria share a human seat. They giggle and take photos while ass smothering the human furniture together. The human furniture cannot breathe underneath the weight of two girls. The merciless girls do not care about his struggle for air. In fact, they think his struggle is funny. Only a loser would lay there and take it. One girl on his face, one girl on his chest. The double face sitting ensures the human furniture cannot breathe at all, but that’s what he gets for being a loser!


Ass Smother – Club Stiletto FemDom – Would You Do Anything To Be Under My Ass – Mistress Irene

 Club Stiletto FemDom  Would You Do Anything To Be Under My Ass   Mistress Irene  preview

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Introducing Mistress Irene, a cruel Domina with one of the most amazing asses you will ever encounter. The scene opens with Mistress Irene’s slave bound to a discipline chair. As she enters, she tells the slave that because he has pleased her, she’s going to release him and reward him with his greatest pleasure. “What is your greatest pleasure?” she asks. “Your ass, Goddess” he replies. She turns to give him an up close view of her divine ass while she rubs her hands over it and bends over to titillate him with it. She asks if he’s going to kiss it, worship it, suffer under it when she sits on his face, and fight to his last breath; naturally, he agrees to everything.
She removes the bindings, and as the scene rolls over, she stands above him while he lies on the ground with his head in the face-sitting box. She places one foot on each side of the box and sits on his face. The amazing camera angles in this video make you feel like she’s about to sit on your face. As she restricts his air, she allows him to stroke but tells him not to cum, and says “There’s no need for them to cum more than once a month. if ever.” Irene is very serious about sitting on the slave properly so his air is restricted, and she’s content just to smile while he kicks. When she gives him a breath it is but for a second. She pulls on his nipples and tells him that air is a privilege for him, not a right. She shifts to her side so you and the slave can see her ass in all its glory. She makes the slave tell her how much he loves it and moves back again to cover his face completely. She kicks his hand away from his cock and stretches her legs out across his body. She leans back to relax while the slave starts to squirm, then kick, and finally thrashes frantically. Irene just laughs …