Forced Male Orgasm – VICIOUS FEMDOM EMPIRE – Prostate Orgasm Explorations – Mistress Valentina

 VICIOUS FEMDOM EMPIRE  Prostate Orgasm Explorations   Mistress Valentina  preview

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Mistress Valentina knows the way to a slave’s heart and that is thru his prostate. Her anal gimp has been begging for an orgasm and knows the only way he is ever allowed them is thru anal stimulation. Valentina uses her magical fingers to fuck his ass while she strokes his hard cock. Just when her gimp thinks he has been thoroughly milked his Mistress shoves a giant plug inside his slut-hole right where it belongs. He is so horny that she not only milks out one load but makes him cum twice with his prostate getting fucked and massaged just the right way.


Weak Male – Torvea Customs – SuperGirl Fights – Jacquelyn Velvets

 Torvea Customs  SuperGirl Fights   Jacquelyn Velvets  preview

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Supergirl (Jacquelyn Velvets) catches Scott Torvea robbing her house and demands that he surrender. No man has ever defeated her and she collects them as her personal slaves. He’s cocky that as a man, he can fight this seductive but petite cosplayer and pushes her.
Without missing a beat, she puts him in a standing sleeper hold and he slowly weakens, slumping to his ass. Her hands rests on his forehead as she teases him with a lullaby. His struggles are futile as he tries to remove her arms, and she throws him to the ground as he turns red.
A camel clutch tests his flexibility and makes him squeal as she alternates with hands under his chin and hand over mouth while pinching his nose. This dolt thinks she got lucky, but this super heroine proves her mettle by putting her bare foot on his chest and kicking him. Wrapping her curvy legs around his biceps with a lotus lock, her feet clench as she mocks him for getting beaten by a girl.
An Indian Deathlock makes him flail helplessly and shows off her sexy ass next to her wrinkled soles. Showing her strength, she cracks his bones in a figure 4 leglock. Leaning back, she enjoys his screams while teasing him with her cute, girlish voice.
Giggling, she accepts his surrender. Crawling to his knees, she handcuffs him. Not one to miss an opportunity, she demands her feet be worshipped by this fallen criminal. He humbly kisses her red toenails before she kicks him to his back and does her victory pose!


Encouragement Masturbation – Lady Voyeurs – Cum Tribute Mistake – Kayleigh Wanless

 Lady Voyeurs  Cum Tribute Mistake   Kayleigh Wanless  preview

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As a glamour model, Kayleigh is used to being sent cum tribute pictures but imagine her surprise when one of them accidentally showed the reflection of her flatmate Bob! She is appalled he jerked off over her but decides to punish him by making him do it in person! He reluctantly strips off and starts jerking but then gets much faster when she strips naked too. The sight of her shaved cunt gets him very horny and when she bends over and shows off her asshole he ejaculates a huge new tribute!


Teaseandthankyou – Tease And Thank You – “Just Friends” by Mandy – Mandy Marx

 Tease And Thank You  Just Friends by Mandy   Mandy Marx  preview

322.6 MB – 1920×1080 – mp4 – 00:13:16

Fun one, a little close to home for me so I hope you like it. Speaking of home, I will be around very briefly in June, will be updating my session availability soon, but unfortunately it won’t be much, at least for June. More over the summer though.
However, if there are any restraint fanatics out there, I have kind of been into leaving people tied up-while I am off doing other things. Really real isolation for only a modest tribute, with visits whenever I want. I have other scenes to shoot, other people to talk to. You would be an afterthought. So easy. Isn’t that right Rich? Greg? Thomas? If that’s your thing, email me right now and convince me to make you another notch on my bedpost.


Woman In Leather – Chateau-Cuir – ORAL SERVICE FOR LEATHER GODDESS – Fetish Liza

 ChateauCuir  ORAL SERVICE FOR LEATHER GODDESS   Fetish Liza  preview

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Mistress Fetish Liza calls him “tongue”. Her slave is always ready to worship her leathers and she uses his face as her personal toy for pleasure as well. She smothers him with her leatherclad ass n rides his tongue with her wet pussy. He is the object and he`ll be giving his leatherclad goddess whatever she wants n needs!