Humiliation – DirtyDommes – Muddy dirty boots domination – Domina Liza

 DirtyDommes  Muddy dirty boots domination   Domina Liza  preview

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When Domina Liza and I arrive back from our lovely walk in the English countryside, we find our human carpet has moved itself towards our beautiful sofa! This is not acceptable! He must be punished and put back in the position he belongs. His tongue n mouth will be filled up with the mud of our leather boots. We won’t stop using him as our boot cleaner until his face is covered in black dirt and our footwear is clean again. He better start sucking n polishing fast!


Ass Smelling – Club Stiletto FemDom – Pathetic Boot Worm Gets To Smell Sweaty Ass – Lady Bellatrix

 Club Stiletto FemDom  Pathetic Boot Worm Gets To Smell Sweaty Ass   Lady Bellatrix  preview

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8:42 play time! Lady Bellatrix is on her love seat and she calls her bitch over. After a day of harsh discipline she is not done with him yet. “The struggle is the reward” she reminds him and then makes him beg to worship her boots. He snivels and begs until she orders him to suck the heel like it’s a cock. The slave takes it all the way down his throat. She then makes him lick the grooves on her soles and in the special nooks and crannies these boots provide. She then swings each leg up and down asking the slave how the view is as he now gets a perfect look at her ass. She then directs him back to her boots and has him lick up and down the length of both boots. She wants them squeaky clean from his tongue. She slaps him when his tongue touches her skin. He’s not good enough for that.
Back and forth he licks as she admonishes him for being so pathetic. She tells him to contemplate his future as her slave, how she will make him suffer and work for her. Again she raises her legs in the air teasing her slave with her ass. The gusset all but covers her anus and pussy and when she talks about how hot and sweaty she is down there the poor slave is beside himself. She then lifts her arms up exposing her sweaty armpits as well. She then touches herself and directs the slave to bring his nose to her asshole. She tells him to sniff it. She then gets up on the couch into a kneeling position and pulls the slaves head into her ass. “When you are back in the stable with the other slaves they will smell ass on your face and be very jealous” she tells him. She slams and grinds her ass into his face and says she is marking her property. Now she has had enough of him and pushes him away, “Go get me a cold drink” she demands.


Bootlicking – Femme Fatale Films – Thrashed & Trampled – Mistress Vixen

 Femme Fatale Films  Thrashed  Trampled   Mistress Vixen  preview

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Mistress Vixen is in the mood to expend some energy and does so at the expense of her loyal slave. She starts with a good hard thrashing of his back and ass n quickly follows up with some full weight and booted trampling. After he’s kissed, licked and sucked on the heel of her beautiful boots, she digs the heels into his body and scrapes them hard over his bruised flesh.


Cfnm – Young Goddess Kim – Doormat in Chastity

 Young Goddess Kim  Doormat in Chastity  preview

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I’ve locked this slave back in chastity and left it leashed and chained to the door as I went out shopping for the day. On My return, in full black PVC outfit, it drops to its knees to kiss My red sole patent leather boots. A slave must always prove itself useful to a Goddess, and right now its most useful as My personal doormat. I use its face and tongue to wipe and lick My boot soles clean, and wipe them dry on its carpet of a body. I degrade the slave into nothing but My object with the simple purpose of My doormat – to be used throughout the day for My arriving guests too. I notice it does a much better job in chastity, its desperation to please Me is satisfying. Doubt I’ll unlock it anytime soon. or ever again.
Includes: Boot Domination, PVC, Female Domination, Humiliation, Sole Licking, Trampling, Boot Worship, Chastity, Goddess Worship, Human Furniture, Femdom POV, CFNM