Female Domination – Club Stiletto FemDom – You Don’t Need A Girlfriend Or Friends Just M0mmy – Mistress Kandy

Club Stiletto FemDom  You Dont Need A Girlfriend Or Friends Just M0mmy   Mistress Kandy  preview

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Sexy MILF Kandy lies sunning in her backyard. Her son is at her feet and her son’s former friend lies underneath her arms, acting as her pillow. Kandy has enslaved them both, and has made them compete for her attention to ensure they dislike each other, even though they were once great friends. They love to rat each other out, or try to outdo the other one so they can be the one licking her ass instead of being locked in a cold dark room. Kandy tends to favor her own boy, but puts him in his place when necessary. She tells him to start worshipping her feet, which he does with great passion, licking her soles, between her toes, and taking her foot deep into his mouth.
After a while, she has him crawl up to untie her bikini bottoms so he can remove them and give her asshole the love and attention it deserves. Kandy looks amazingly hot lying on her blanket. She reminds Junior that daddy would lose it if he knew Junior was her slave, not to mention her toilet. “Speaking of toilets” she says, “I left my ass nice n dirty for Junior.” She makes him lick deeply while he tells her how much he loves m0mmy’s ass. She reminds him that he never needs a girlfriend, or any type of friend, for that matter. “All u need is mommy.”
If Junior ever thinks of trying to date someone, Kandy will simply show the girl videos of Junior eating her ass. She talks about how she loves quality time with her son, how she loves bonding with him, and that she knows the smell of her ass will be up his nostrils all day long. There are some great close ups of Kandy’s ass being licked in this scene. She tells Junior his lunch today will be coming from her ass. “He eats m0mmy’s every day,” she giggles. She asks pillow slave if he’s jealous and if he hates Junior, and smiles when he replies “yes.” The next words you hear Kandy say are “Open your mouth, Junior; it’s time.”


Cuckold – Subby Hubby – Gaping Gabriella Worships Lexi Luna’s Feet

 Subby Hubby  Gaping Gabriella Worships Lexi Lunas Feet  preview

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Lexi is getting ready for dinner with her boyfriend, but prior to that, she would like to have some fun. She has her slut kneeling at her and her boyfriend’s feet. After reviewing her list of demands, and of course agreeing to every single thing Lexi wants, Gabriella is allowed to worship her feet. Lexi twists his fetish against him again, and he is willing to do anything in order to worship her feet, including worshipping her boyfriend’s feet as well.of course. Gabriella is left alone while Lexi goes to dinner with her boyfriend, and he is left with multiple things to do. Gabriella agrees to wash her boyfriend’s car, to do everything that Lexi asks, and to put it in writing. There will be no going back at this point, Gabriella has signed his life over!


Dildo Sucking – Brat Princess 2 – Alyssa and Chloe – Bikini Babes Teach slave to Suck Cock

 Brat Princess 2  Alyssa and Chloe  Bikini Babes Teach slave to Suck Cock  preview

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Alyssa and Chloe get their feet worshipped by their slave while wearing sexy, shiny, bikinis. Chloe’s boyfriend is planning on taking her to an Italian restaurant. Dinner at a nice Italian place definitely warrants a blowjob, but Chloe doesn’t feel like putting in the work to give her boyfriend the blowjob he deserves. Alyssa gets a great idea. Why not train the slave to give Chloe’s boyfriend the blowjob? That way Chloe gets the dinner at the Italian restaurant, and Chloe doesn’t have to put in any work to keep her boyfriend happy.
It’s such a great idea, Alyssa wants the slave to do her boyfriend, too. So, the slave will have to suck two cocks. The girls are going to get their boyfriends wasted so that they won’t notice it’s a male slave sucking them instead of a hot blonde. But the girls are going to have to train the slave first to suck cock just like they would. The slave starts its blowjob training on the girls’ feet, but soon they move it up to working on dildos.
The girls have three dildos. They want the slave to suck the big black one. The slave is locked up in a chastity device. Its cock is much smaller than even the smallest dildo and significantly smaller than the big black one. Alyssa fucks the slave’s throat with the big black cock. Then Chloe does it. They don’t want any gagging from the slave. Both girls can deepthroat expertly, and they want the slave to be able to do it too. After some training, the slave starts to get pretty good at sucking cock. Why limit his skills to just their boyfriends? The girls think they can whore him out and make a nice business out of this. From now on, the slave is going to have to tribute them more every month, now that they know his earning potential will be increased as a skilled cock sucker.


Foot Smelling – Beautiful Girls – Bertie Foot Fetish. Footworship

Beautiful Girls  Bertie Foot Fetish Footworship  preview

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Sexy girl. NEW! Bertie Foot Fetish Foot spitting Foot Smother Today passionate and cruel Lady Bertie, decided to shackle the slave to the wall, so that he wouldn’t not dare to resist and make a move. This piece of should just take it upon himself, because he is nobody, he is just a thing whereon you can spit, urinate and do anything with it. Bertie sits down near him and begins to spit over the entire dirty face of this nincompoop, while smearing everything over his face. Bertie spits at him, smokes and chokes him, closing his nose and gets a great deal of pleasure from it and will not stop until the smelly mug of the sleazeball is completely in her huge loogie.


Femdom – Brat Princess 2 – Noe – Eager Foot Bitch Gets Deep Throat Toes

 Brat Princess 2  Noe  Eager Foot Bitch Gets Deep Throat Toes  preview

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Noe reclines on a chase and sips a drink while getting her feet worshipped. Her foot worship bitch is eager. It loves Noe’s toes. Noe just relaxes, but the more eager the foot worship bitch seems, the more she wants to make it suffer for her. Noe thrusts her foot deeper and deeper down the bitch’s throat, making it gag. She makes it beg for her perfect feet. The foot worship bitch begs and gets throat fucked deeply by Noe’s feet. She makes the bitch look at her butt in tight pants while it worships. The slave belongs totally to her.