Foot Fetish – Humiliation POV – My Feet Will Drain Your Brain, Your Wallet And Your Cock, Idiot

 Humiliation POV  My Feet Will Drain Your Brain Your Wallet And Your Cock Idiot  preview

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I know how bad you want to smell them. You beg to sniff my feet. Well here they are little foot boy. Aren’t they just perfect? Sniff them, let their holy smell [email protected] you. You are totally owned by my fucking feet. You can’t get enough. Go on, get a big whiff, as the smell [email protected] you, you drain more and more cash into my account. Good boy.
You’re such a sucker for my dirty feet. I love how stupid my feet make you. Keep sniffing. Sniff and spend loser. I know you can’t resist. My feet are divine. You’re so addicted to my perfect princess feet. There is no other foot fetish princess like me. I have perfect feet and know exactly how to pose them, exactly how to manipulate your weak brain with them. I am God Kaylynn and you worship me.
Sniff in between my toes. In between each little piggy, I deserve a hundred dollar bill. Wouldn’t that be so hot loser? To see your money in my toes as you lick, sniff and worship them. Loser. You’d love to watch my feet drain you. Your cock would be so hard, you’d be completely helpless. Fuck you foot freak, give me what I want. Good idiot. You are truly an addict for my feet. They will drain your brain, your wallet and your cock.


Footdom – THE MEAN GIRLS – Foot Worship Bribes – Goddess Raven

 THE MEAN GIRLS  Foot Worship Bribes   Goddess Raven  preview

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It’s not easy serving Goddess Raven. Slave Fido has been a good servant, but slaves don’t earn the privilege to worship her feet easily. She knows how desperate the slave is to worship her feet so she quizzes him asking him what he has done to deserve it. The slave says he has sold his car to earn some extra cash and have more money to give to her. Goddess Raven does like shopping so she agrees to let the slave worship her feet in exchange for 100% of the money he made from selling his car.
The slave begins by kissing and worshipping her high heel shoes. Goddess Raven makes the slave suck on her high heels and has the slave lick the dirt clean from the bottom of her shoes. After cleaning the shoes with his tongue the slave is allowed to remove her shoes and begin worshipping her bare feet. Goddess raven commands the slave to lick between her toes reminding the slave to lick her feet and not kiss them because this isn’t a romantic situation he is just a servant. Goddess Raven rubs her feet all over the slaves face using him as a human foot wipe. She forces her whole foot into the slave’s mouth commanding him to deepthroat it. She warns the slave if he throws up she will make him eat it. This is a good foot worship clip with high heel shoe cleaning, bare foot worship, toe sucking, and deepthroat gagging.


Sadistin – Lilu – Double CumShot HandJob 16

Lilu  Double CumShot HandJob 16  preview

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It is so easy for Lady Iveta to bring men on their knees! She is so beautiful and superior! It is a honor being allowed to kneel in front of the chair she is sitting on doing everything she demands! Lady Iveta loves to humiliate men! She also loves to dominate them with her sexy high arched feet! She wears a sexy pair of Italian leather stilettos teasing her leashed footslave by showing her elegant shoes right in front of his face. Lady Iveta allows him to kiss the soles before she orders him to take her sexy shoes off…before she starts to dominate him with her sexy feet! She allows him to smell them…to worship them for a short while. Then she starts abusing his mouth as a wet and warm pussy for her feet. She gags and fucks his mouth keeping him tight at the leash! She stuffs her foot in his mouth crossing her legs abusing his mouth as a footrest while watching her slave suffering just for her own pleasure! Watch it with great POV scenes and close ups.


Foot Domination – GODDESS REA LONGEST LEGS – REA – Easy Living – Smother And Domination In Knee High Nylons

 GODDESS REA LONGEST LEGS  REA  Easy Living  Smother And Domination In Knee High Nylons  preview

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After cleaning my boots with his tongue, my slave asks if he can go to continue his house duties. But, of course, he cannot go, as I want to play with him more. He removes my boots and I stay in my nylon socks and I stick my big feet on his face, smothering him hard in many positions. I massage my soles all over his face, hurting his skin with my nylons, but I see that he doesn’t enjoy the face massage from the feet of his Mistress! So I decide to do a different style of massage to his stupid face, kicking it and stomping it hard! I finally get bored and I just relax my feet on his face to rest.


Smothering – FemmeFataleFilms – Slapped Down & Smothered – Complete Film – Miss Zoe

 FemmeFataleFilms  Slapped Down  Smothered  Complete Film   Miss Zoe  preview

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The gardener thought he could get away with peeping through the window as his Mistress adjusted her stockings… no chance! Dragged by his ear into the living room, Miss Zoe thoroughly humiliates her hapless employee with a hard over the knee spanking, but only after he’s licked the garden mud from her heels. Spat at, spanked, face sat and smothered, with his nose buried deep between her ass cheeks, he then has to shield her feet from the cold floor with his hands, in time with every step she takes.
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Stockings And Suspenders – FemmeFataleFilms – The Caged Sniffer – Complete Film – Mistress Serena

 FemmeFataleFilms  The Caged Sniffer  Complete Film   Mistress Serena  preview

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Mistress Serena has her pet slave locked securely in her ‘birdcage’, high above her bed. She loves to tease and torment her slaves and enters the bedroom wearing a stunning lingerie set, The slave is addicted to her scent and she drives him crazy in his confinement by wafting her sweet scented feet close to his nose. He may look at first but not touch! She pokes her stocking’d feet through the cage and lets him inhale her deeply, before teasing him some more by removing her stockings and allowing him the great privilege of kissing and sucking on her toes.
Tags: bondage, foot sniffing, foot worship, lingerie, stockings and suspenders, tease and denial


Shoe Kissing – Brat Princess 2 – Athena and Chloe – Nerd Kisses Classmates Shoes and Worships Feet as Punishment

 Brat Princess 2  Athena and Chloe  Nerd Kisses Classmates Shoes and Worships Feet as Punishment preview

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Chloe’s mad at danni because she told him to carry Athena’s books to class and he didn’t do it. He says it’s embarrassing to be seen always doing stuff for the girls but to be never treated as an equal. Chloe reminds danni that his place is below hot girls. To remind him of this, she makes him kneel before her and kiss her shoes. Danni does not want to kiss Chloe’s shoes in front of Athena. He has a crush on Athena. Chloe gets very stern and danni is made to kiss her shoes, even though he doesn’t like it.
Danni needs to learn to follow the rules that the girls make. The girls tell danni that he has to kiss both of their shoes. Danni has to go along with it or face a potentially worse punishment from them. Danni is not being very enthusiastic, so Chloe makes him strip out of his clothes. Danni definitely does not want Athena to see the chastity that Chloe makes him wear. Danni is forced to strip and the girls laugh at how scrawny his body is. Chloe shows off danni’s chastity to Athena and brags about how long she’s kept him in the device.
The girls decide that they want danni to worship their feet. They make him take off their shoes. Danni does not want to worship Chloe’s feet in front of Athena. It’s humiliating for him to act so submissively in front of his crush. Chloe does not care that danni feels emasculated. He isn’t a man and isn’t entitled to be treated like one. The girls laugh at danni. Athena wants danni to worship her feet too. Danni worships both girls’ feet while they look down at him with judgement. They don’t like all of danni’s complaining and they plan to keep him in chastity longer. Chloe is mad that danni has not followed all of their orders. He’s being obstinate.
Chloe tells danni that she and Athena have dates with their men. They want to test their date outfits out on danni before they go out with their boyfriends. Danni will have to tell the girls if their outfits are hot enough to impress a real man. He can tell if the outfit is working by how tight and painful his chastity gets. He will serve as the girls “outfit tester,” or remain in chastity for an undetermined longer period.


Feet In Face – Czech Soles – Hangover, sexy BIG feet and crazy foot worship

 Czech Soles  Hangover sexy BIG feet and crazy foot worship  preview

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What a party it was! As usual, a lot of people arrived and spent most of the evening at Jack’s but only him and one other girl did make it until the morning. Well, make it is quite a strong phrase…Jack is sleeping on his couch hugging a beer bottle and the girl is next to him and they are both so much hang over. When Jack wakes up he’s kinda confused and still pretty much but what he notices right away are feet of the girl. She’s barefoot and her feet are up on the couch right next to Jack and ho my got her feet are big! They look so sexy right now and Jack still being under influence a little bit he starts to smell them and kiss them. The girl wakes up too and she starts to laugh as it tickles her feet little bit. But otherwise she could not care less what Jack does with her feet right now. She too tired and hangover to care right now. Jack get’s turned on and when she does not mind why the hell he should not have his fun right? Being a good host and all…the girl surely deserves to have her feet worshiped and kissed and licked and Jack deserve it too. He loves BIG feet and these are still little bit smelly from the boots she was wearing earlier and they look sooo sooo sexy. This is gonna be a dream coming true for Jack.